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Learn to Respect Authority If You Want to Succeed at Work — 19 Comments

  1. Great post. respect is the most important thing for any working relationship.

  2. It was very hard to respect my last boss. He was so unkind toward my health struggles, even though I had doctor proof and explanation. It made it very stressful.

  3. I have always had issues with management at work giving me unguided directions. It just was so hard to work with!

  4. I have not been the workplace for almost 10 years, i quit my job when our 1st child was born but the last job I had it was so hard to respect my boss. She was not nice but if I did disrespect her it just gave me a hardened hear to her.

  5. My son and I were just talking about this yesterday about chain of command, leader/follower roles, respect etc.

    Honestly a healthy balance between the two is better. Know the rules, follow and respect but at the same time be allowed to express something that isn’t right. There is a time and place for each.

  6. So funny, I originally thought this was a post aimed specifically at kids. Adults clearly need the lesson as well.

  7. I agree. You don’t have to like someone to respect them. Respect can go a long way.

  8. Great things to remember. It is hard for me sometimes working with the younger generation because they just don’t get that!

  9. I agree respect and being able to take orders as well as give is very important to succeed.

  10. I like this post .. sometimes It’s sooo hard as people in authority will always rub you the wrong way. It does make sense to follow the rules

  11. This reminds me of quote from Joyce Meyer: “If you want to be in authority, you need to learn how to come under authority first.”

  12. I agree, respect is important for any job and everyone you work with. Supervisors and bosses, as well as co-workers…what you give is what you get. 🙂

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