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Learn to Run Your Business Better – Social Networking Groups — 25 Comments

  1. This is very important. Just as you would not handle disputes with a real world colleague out loud in the cafeteria, you should not call social networking colleagues on the carpet publicly.

  2. I so agree. Social networking is a huge thing when it comes to business. Even the HUGE companies have joined in the social media world.

  3. Hi Janeane, I agree with many of the points you make in this article. Many times people fail to check if things they hear (even from a trusted source) are gossip or legit information. I am a member of many social networking groups and admin a few as well, it’s important to always double or even better triple check your information. In the end what you post reflects on you.

  4. I participate both as a blogger and for my media job. What you say on social media when you represent a company is extremely important.. one nasty comment and your company’s reputation is down the drain, as is your job!

  5. Social networking has made a huge difference in growing my business. It’s a great resource when used properly.

  6. I’m really just beginning to get the hang of combining social media with the rest of my work. For the longest time it was hard for me to grasp how to learn to manage my professional life with social media. But I’ve finally found a groove.

  7. I am always very cautious about what I say and do online, because this is my place of business. You have to be active on social media, but you don’t have to be crass or rude.

  8. Yes, I agree with you. I have made some real friends and I try to keep from sharing too much that will endanger my privacy.

  9. I agree, I have to keep FB turned off so I can get work done without being distracted.

  10. I have learned a lot in social networking groups, but I do my best to handle issues with individuals via private messaging/email/in person rather than online out in the open. I also try to research anything shared with me in these groups, because my business is just that, and others may not necessarily have the best motives.

  11. What would we do in this biz without social networking? Gotta have it!

  12. I love networking with others. I have made many new friends through social networking who have helped me quite a bit with my business

  13. I love being able to participate in social networking groups for my blog and can imagine a business greatly benefitting from that type of interaction!

  14. Social networking is so important nowadays! The only problem is the loss of privacy. The gain is lots of new friends !

  15. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in tune with all the SM outlets. I choose my top 2, and go with those full fledged, and use others sporadically.

  16. Couldn’t agree more! I love my social media outlets. It gives me a platform to have a 2way dialogue with my followers AND, yes, it is NOT the place to air dirty laundry!

  17. I agree that there is a great wealth of knowledge to be gained from other on Social Networks but it can be very hard to separate fact from fiction!

  18. I agree with the ABL.. We should always be learning how to stay on top of the social media game. It changes so often.

  19. Good post. It’s important to keep things professional. I struggle with this aspect. On my blog’s fan page I absolutely can not resist posting those adorable cat photos with funny captions.

  20. Social networking is a blessing and a curse for any business. You have to be ESPECIALLY vigilant when your main form of advertising is social media. I find it’s best to have separate personal and business social media accounts.

  21. Social networking is everything these days isn’t it?

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