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Let’s Talk About Working Moms

On Thursday July 10, 2014 I was a special guest on the Make It Last Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio. The topic of the day was the transition from a career oriented life to a family oriented life. Being a Stay at Home Mom is appealing to many; however, there are some pros and cons to becoming a stay at home mom. I joined host Pamela King and I and we talked about this issue that is important and relevant to all of us.



Janeane Davis

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  • This is amazing! I'm so proud of you and I'm sure you will be amazing!

  • Great topic! You're going to do an awesome job!

  • Congratulations! How exciting! Good luck with the interview.

  • That's so exciting girl! Congrats on being featured on the show and good luck! :)

  • What an achievement - congrats! For Sure a topic I am interested too!

  • Great topic and something that affects a lot of moms! Good luck with the interview.

  • Good luck with your interview! I think a lot of moms can relate to the topic.

  • Congratulations on the interview! I hope it goes well

  • Good luck on your interview! Sounds like an interesting topic.

  • Oh, this is today. I will try to tune in. Congrats!

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