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I Like Numbers and I Cannot Lie — 26 Comments

  1. It would help if everyone crunched the numbers before doing anything. The numbers don’t lie.

  2. I love Numbers. Maths was my favourite subject at school. I find that I understand numbers more than I do with literacy.

  3. I can’t say I have thought much about this, but it absolutely makes sense. I feel like a lot of people in this generation are behind in skills that are necessities in the real world.

  4. I didn’t give math love or the respect it deserved until I started seeing it as important in the what we do daily. From baking to metrics on a website.

  5. I appreciate the ideas that you have presented in this article. I think that numbers sometimes get a bad rep, but being able to do calculations is so empowering.

  6. Being able to understand numbers and especially even simple math is such an important life skill. I have never heard of innumeracy.

  7. I like the concept of Innumeracy. I have a real affinity for Algebra and Geometry, though not hard core numbers. But yes, numbers can be real fun.

  8. Numbers make our world go round literally but we cannot live without it. It’s part of our life. I never knew the word “innumerate” is really true, at first I thought it’s just an expression.

  9. I’m jealous with your love for numbers. Haha. It’s funny to say that I felt kinda when the subject is Math. Good for you. Nice article.

  10. I do not love numbers, but I don’t hate them. Many times I don’t understand numbers, that why I think that those who love numbers are very interesting persons and I can learn a lot from them!

  11. I too, didn’t know that there’s a word “innumerate”. Thanks for the knowledge.

  12. Numbers just aren’t my thing. They definitely make my brain hurt and I tend to avoid the use of numbers whenever possible, ha!

  13. I cringe when it comes to math lol. I just don’t have the brain for it. I can handle basic math but it was such a struggle for me in college. It is however important in everyday tasks like cooking, paying bills etc. Thanks for sharing!

  14. My husband works for a bank and tells me all the time about how innumerate people can be! I am still baffled that people PAY the bank to balance their checkbook. I learned how to do that in the 7th grade!

  15. This is my first time learning about this. I’m pretty good with numbers.

  16. I’m not a big Math fan or numbers fanatic, but I do understand the importance of knowing basic Math and accounting skills for my multiple businesses

  17. I love numbers too. They are so much fun and can certainly give you insight into so much.

  18. Basic math is super important! I never realized there were people out there who had problems with it, but I guess if there are people who can’t read, there are people who can’t do math. Thanks so much for shedding a light on this. It was eye-opening for me.

  19. I am the worst with numbers I was never good a school!! thank god for help and apps!!!

  20. Oh gosh, I am terrible with numbers. Math is not my friend. Thank goodness for apps to help.

  21. I know a few people who are innumerate. I struggle with complex math problems and doing simple math stresses me out if people are waiting for an answer. I never knew innumeracy was a thing.

  22. Oh wow! I have never heard of inumeracy before! I had no idea it was a thing. I can see that being just as huge a roadbloack for someone as illiteracy is.

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