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I Like Numbers and I Cannot Lie — 45 Comments

  1. Her job is so important! Too many children leave school unable to balance a checkbook, figure out a tip in their heads or figure out sales discounts. These are important life skills.

  2. You are like my husband. Boy he reads a lot and eats numbers a lot. I am not that kind of person and I’m jealous 😀

  3. Oy… numbers. I like them when they have dead presidents on them in my wallet 😉 I know, I’m such a stereotype, but I am so not a numbers kinda gal. My husband, he’s the numbers dude and enjoys connecting the dots.

  4. I’m not good with numbers and was never great at math. Basic math I can handle but anything else no so much!

  5. First and foremost kudos to you for keeping a well run household! OK, you and my husband both love numbers! I on the other hand do not but have learned that you must utilize numbers in daily life. I grew up having Dyslexia and ADD, and math and spelling has never come easy to me. There will always be people that don’t try to learn basic math, which is really sad. I too was unfamiliar with the term “innumerate” but know exactly what you’re talking about.

  6. It’s so important to keep up with basic math! I recently stumped on a (formerly) simple math question and I was definitely embarrassed! It taught me that I need to brush up on my skills!

  7. It is funny to see where numbers intersect with art. I remember getting a thrill when reading about Fibonocci numbers in art, flowers and knitting patterns.

  8. A lot of people like to shop. Maybe if they know they can calculate sales prices and tax like you do, they will get on board with us!

  9. Well I went to a math and science high school, so needless to say, I’m pretty comfortable manipulating digits. I love to see girls who are into math. They are sure to live productive lives.

  10. I have not heard of the term innumerate. It is so important to have knowledge of numbers for everyday life. I have not always been the best at math.

  11. Janeane I am like you! I LOVE numbers. I love how they fit together and understand how important they are for everyday functions! I can go to a store and calculate 30% off the clearance price in like 2 seconds and am marveled when people can’t do the same.

  12. I love numbers but oh how I wish I understood some better 😉

  13. I learned enough about numbers to do well in school,. but I am far from a number lover. I just have never really understood them the way I do words.

  14. I don’t like numbers but I agree with dawn if it’s money then I like numbers 🙂

  15. Very interesting. I like equations that have a true answer… I get frustrated at anything that doesn’t ha!

  16. I like numbers if it means a paycheck or gaining more followers/ viewers ;D! Great post!

  17. Numbers are at the core of everything… Numbers, numbers, numbers!

  18. I’ve never really been a fan of numbers myself especially since I hated Math all through HS and College.

  19. If the numbers relate to bills, I get sick to my stomach if they are large amounts. If they pertain to a winning then woot!

  20. I deal with numbers every day! I can’t get away from them. I too love math. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I like numbers too 🙂 But I would never be caught doing calculus at home for fun… I don’t have the brains for that!

  22. I always loved geometry in school, but couldn’t quite understand the other math subjects. Now I understand more, but struggle to explain it to my kids.

  23. I wasn’t too interested in Math until I was a grown up and numbers were all around me. You are right!

  24. I Love numbers I don’t know why but I’ve even done a few art projects for my house using numbers that have a significant meaning to my family.

  25. Me 2. (See what I did there??) Never thought growing up I’d be a numbers person but I certainly am one now.

  26. Numbers are good sometimes but they can drive me crazy. Sometimes I think about numbers too much at bedtime.

  27. I am ok with numbers, would rather not remember trying to do calc in college. I love writing but math is something I have a hard time with. As a former teacher, I know its’ importance though.

  28. I LOVE calculus too, and algebra? Swoon. So so SO nice to meet another math geek 🙂 And yes, I consider that a compliment.

  29. Numbers do lie! The thing is we don’t always realize how many decisions are fully numbers based. Especially with health decisions by governments and companies.

  30. Numbers are defiantly not my thing They get all crazy in my head.

  31. What a fun post! And, you are right…I am unfamiliar with the term ‘“innumerate”. Math has always rubbed me the wrong way, whereas my Mom is like you and enjoys figuring out the ‘riddle’ of it all.

  32. I enjoy the riddle of number. I like being able to keep up with all the “new” math so my kids don’t have that to tease me about.

  33. What a great point you make! I’ve always loved numbers too (and still do) but Calculus never quite connected in my head. I blame it on my professor–she was so smart, she had a hard time breaking it down for us.

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