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The Listerine 21 Day Challenge – The Thrill of New Smile — 32 Comments

  1. Love Listerine! That’s actually the brand of mouth wash I use daily 🙂

  2. I’m very optimistic for our results. We are taking the same challenge! Good luck to you.

  3. Good luck with your challenge. I am sure it will improve your family’s habits.

  4. I did this challenge last year, too. It made me get better with flossing.

  5. I love LISTERINE! It’s such a great brand, and really helps us to keep our smiles healthy. Good luck with your 21 day challenge! It only takes 21 days to create a habit, so your family is already on the right path to great oral hygiene.

  6. I love Listerine. I use it daily. And my teeth are super healthy because of it! 🙂

  7. My husband and I use Listerine a lot, but didn’t even know about the toothpaste? Will check it out nex time. Anyway, what a great challenge for a great cause. I must admit though I don’t like this kind of floss, but I like the ones that are easy to use, I forgot the name, but the white stuff with the sharp pointy thing. LOL! I sure don’t remember the name, but yeah. I just find this one (floss) so difficult to use for me so I chose the other instead.

  8. I will go back and vote. Hope Sara wins! Good luck with the challenge.

  9. I’m really good about brushing and flossing, but not rinsing. I have to work on that and I’ll check out the toothspaste! I didn’t even know they made that!

  10. I know dental hygiene is important and that flossing is recommended by my dentist at least 3 to 4 times a week. I tried their mouth wash before and i like the freshness feeling after was

  11. Sounds like a good product. We just had our cleaning at the dentist and are really trying to keep up with good habits

  12. Listerine is some strong stuff! works AHMAZINGLY though. Thanks for sharing your post, love this challenge.

  13. wonderful game to apply for the whole family, you can give challenge not only to yourself but to your kids as well.

  14. We began seeing a new dentist last year, and he always raves about the positive benefits of mouthwash. Our last dentist never mentioned it. We’ve been trying to use mouthwash most nights and have our children use it as well. Good luck with your challenge!

  15. i always got cavities at my gum line…my dentist said it was from soda! Luckily, I haven’t had a cavity in a long time!

  16. I did this challenge last year and definitely improved a few things. I’m still inconsistent with the rinsing though!

  17. We’re also doing the challenge and we’re stoked about it! I’m also excited to see what the kids’ dentist says when we go next time, cause this challenge is going to ROCK for getting my kids in gear with taking better care of their teeth and gums! 🙂

  18. I’ll take the challenge! We already use Listerine! I need a good daily reminder so I remember to floss.

  19. That’s great that you’re taking the challenge! I have been trying really hard to remember to floss this year 🙂

  20. I didn’t realize the toothbrush missed so much! That is the boost I need to develop a good habit of using mouthwash daily.

  21. Its so important to keep your smile in shape. I must admit that I need to floss regularly. I guess I’ll pick up some Listerine while I’m out at the store today.

  22. I’m on my last bottle of Listerine Vanilla Mint – they don’t sell it any more and I’m completely sad about that 🙁 It’s one of the few mouthwash flavors I could stomach, I need to find a new flavor stat!

  23. Listerine is one of my favorite brands. I like the mouthwash. I know most people think it burns but I like that part it makes me feel like its working. lol

  24. I checked out their Facebook page and I voted for Sara! I love the expression on her face. Great challenge – reminds me to be sure to floss and use Listerine!

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