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“Little Old Letter” and 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs — 29 Comments

  1. Words can have such a big impact. I try to tell that to my students all of the time. I see some kids really feel the words going for and against them. We encourage positive culture but sometimes the kids mess up, and there’s always a price to pay for the target.

  2. I love this. note taking is such a huge part of learning and growing as an entrepreneur.

  3. You always share amazing tips! Our words can destroy others – this is so true and sadly, not many of us understand this!

  4. What a great powerful poem. So true too, our words can impact people a lot

  5. It is so true that words are so powerful. Goes both for positive and negative. I think we are in an age when people don’t give as much thought to their words.

  6. Thank you for sharing this poem with us! It’s short but full of meaning. And the also I am so glad to know the 3 lessons we could learn from here as an entrepreneur.

  7. This is so true! Our words can have an incredible impact. I try to teach my kids this lesson all the time.

  8. Informative post to read and for me, choosing the right words to say is really important because every words that we could say can affect on us and other people’s lives.

  9. Yes, I am so agree that words have a tremendous impact… on us, on other, on everything around us. We really need to be more careful about it!

  10. I agree, words can have a big impact on others that’s why we need to choose our words wisely.

  11. So true. Choosing the right words to use is so important, anywhere and to anyone.

  12. So true. Especially for kids or when you’re still young and innocent. Painful words could shatter you

  13. This is so true! I was talking about this with friends and one of them shared something a teacher told her when she was little and it was horrible. It’s stuck with her, her whole life. Words hold power.

  14. Yes, definitely. Even just a single word can ruin someone’s confidence. So let’s be careful.

  15. This post is really powerful, thanks so much for sharing this.

  16. Powerful poem – its short length makes even more of a point because nearly anyone has time to read a short passage. That, in itself, is still another lesson.

  17. It is quite amazing how much power words can have. For this reason we should always choose our words wisely.

  18. This is so true! We have no idea how our words can impact someone else.

  19. It is so true about the power of words. One needs to think before they share things and you just never know.

  20. Such a powerful post and poem. I think we’ve all learned in the past few years that our words really do carry wait and we need to use them carefully. Such a beautiful reminder of that here.

  21. Yes, this is such a powerful poem. I love it. You always need to think of what you do–you never know if can make a big impact on someone else.

  22. Words must be chosen carefully. We need to think and consider our words before we speak or write and put them out into the world.

  23. Words matter. The Bible says that the power of life and death are in the tongue and I’ve always found that to be true.

  24. We’ve seen first hand how the words of a leader matter. But every one of us should monitor what we say and try not to cause harm. This is sometimes harder than one would think and we must constantly evaluate, learn and update our understanding of what we should not say or write. I am currently regretting encouraging people to keep up their holiday lights to show solidarity with front-line workers, in an article I had published. It was just pointed out to me that this suggestion assumes all readers are of Christian faith … not my intention at all, but perhaps it was worded carelessly. I keep trying.

  25. Words are so important, I was literally just thinking this, a client was rude with me earlier and I know what he said wasn’t meant to offend me personally but it still made an impact

  26. Now more than ever, our words are making such a big impact. We should always be thoughtful and think before we speak (or write).

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