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Little Remedies Reach Out and Touch Someone #ColorofInfluence — 70 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing! I always give to charities, it’s very important to me.

  2. Oh yes! I remember the Little Remedies! they definitely help! Such a cute pic!

  3. How wonderful! I know a lot of parents that could use these kits let alone shelters. Such a wonderful way to use these products to help families.

  4. Oh Little Remedies was my go-to product back in the day when my twins were babies too! They make great products!

  5. We really love Little Remedies products. I used them a lot when my kiddos were small and now I always stick a few products in baskets for newborns

  6. We love them and use them with our boys. That’s really awesome they donated 12 to your church. You’re close to me too! I’m about 45 min- 1hour from Philly!

  7. This is such a convenient kit! Wish I had one when mine were babies.

  8. What a fantastic campaign!! I love helping others

  9. This kit would make a great baby shower gift. These are items all parents should have on hand.

  10. sounds like a good company with great products!

  11. I use these products too! And that’s so lovely how they gave you packs to give to those that will need them!

  12. I love the idea of giving some of your favorite products to your favorite charity!

  13. This is great news to hear about Little Remedies! I love their products and use them on my own kids too.

  14. OH I just don’t think there is any way I could suck the snot out with my mouth, oh gosh! The “New Parents’ Survival Kit” would be a lifesaver!

  15. That is really wonderful of them to do! I love hearing of kind deeds from companies, as well as individuals. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Little Remedies sounds like a wonderful company. I love that they were so generous. I am sure your church will be able to find grateful recipients for all the kits.

  17. I love everything that is included in the kit! It’s so helpful for new parents.

  18. Great kit! We used so many of these products when our daughter was little.

  19. What a great kit, and I love that you’re helping out new moms and babies by giving these away.

  20. I LOVE the kit! I think every parent should be given one at the hospital! Very necessary!

  21. The things that they make these days amaze me. Drops that you can use to help with decongestant is something I wish they had around when my sister was growing up!

  22. It sounds like a lot of consideration went into the product. We’ve purchased Little Remedies before too.

  23. I’ve seen Little Remedies for years now! It’s great to see companies doing good!

  24. Little Remedies is actually a very big help for many new parents. Wish I would have had those when I was a young parent. If I was given these kits to donate, I would most likely donate to a church also who would know a family in need.

  25. I used Little Remedies for my little guy. They have a great package at Babies R Us with a sample of all of their items!

  26. Awww, how sweet! We’ve always been big fans of those Little Remedies. Used them a lot when my son was smaller.

  27. It’s so hard when your little ones are sick and suffering. I am glad there are products like this to provide some relief.

  28. I think it is awesome they gave you some to donate! This is a great brand!

  29. Very cool that they gave you so many to donate. We use their products with our kids. They have come in handy many nights.

  30. This kit is PERFECTION! As a mom of a 6 month old…..I’ve used every one of these things already!

  31. Wait whoa you did suck the boogies outta your baby’s nose before. Wow that is true love for your baby – you should tell your teeny bobby that story! Thats serious and tell her congrats on her HBCU journey I graduated from Clark Atlanta University (her AUC neighbor).

  32. We loved the Little Remedies products when my kiddos were itty bitty. I think we still have some hanging out just in case!

  33. Those Little Remedies products are the best! They’re what we’ve used for both our kids. So cool that they donated a bunch of kits. I’d give them to my local food pantry or to a local women’s shelter.

  34. We swore by Little Remedies! Gripe water is a MUST!

  35. I love Little Remedies. I would give a gift to Wounded Warrior Project but I don’t know if they could use Little Remedies. Ha!!

  36. That is a real life mommy story up there!! Us mommies will do anything to help our kiddos out when they are sick. 🙂

  37. I love that companies can be so generous. It’s amazing how many great charities there are that are doing so much in our community.

  38. That is cool they gave you some to help others. Awesome kit.

  39. I can’t think of any at the moment. I love the idea of these New Parents’ Survival Kits though as it’s horrible when your child gets sick and you have no clue what to do.

  40. We love Little Remedies! I also love companies that are generous like that!

  41. I love anything made by Little Remedies; I’ve used them with both of my boys. By the way, how cute are your babies! Oh my…precious.

  42. Your babies are so cute! I have somehow never heard of this company before now. Thanks for introducing

  43. What an adorable photo of your twins. Little Remedies is an awesome company. Loved their products when kiddo was younger.

  44. I have been a huge fan of Little Remedies since my daughter was an itty bitty. I still use them to this day, especially the saline drops. They work wonders when she is stuffy!

  45. i love little remedies products. keeping the chemicals and pharmaceuticals away from kids is important when they’re really young

  46. What a fabulous new baby gift idea! Congrats to your daughter for getting into Spelman- I’ve heard wonderful things from their graduates.

  47. We love Little Remedies. We used their Gripe Water and saline all the time (in fact I still use the saline for myself today!)

  48. Looks like you’ve got everything you need now, just in case. I like Little Remedies brand a lot. I sometimes use the saline on myself when my nose is dry. It’s so gentile and easy to use.

  49. That is a great idea! I think new parents appreciate gifts like this more than clothes and bibs because they really do get used a LOT and are truly useful baby items.

  50. Little Remedies saved so many sleepless nights for us. The gripe water was awesome. And we’ve used the fever reducer too.

  51. we didn’t use gripe water that much, but we LOVED little remedies gas drops. Miracle in a bottle!

  52. We use to love little tummies by little remedies. They all work so well.

  53. whenever we’re able to stock up on products we love like this we always try to pay things forward too!! fabulous ideas

  54. This is really great, wish I had something like this when I first had my son! Now that I know about it, I know what my friends will be getting for their baby showers 😉

  55. I wish I had this supply when my son was a baby!
    I could never have enough supplies for what ails him, thankfully in NYC there is always a store close by and open!

  56. I love how gentle it is. I also think it’s an excellent gift for brand new parents!

  57. We did not use this brand but it looks really good.If and when we have more kiddies i will look for this brand.

  58. When my boys were babies we used a lot of Little Remedies products. The Little Noses and Little Tummies were awesome.

  59. We love these products. My boys still use the Little Noses.

  60. Love that they donated some products to parents in need. We used to use their gas drops all the time with our first baby. Great brand.

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