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  1. Thanks. I am glad you liked it. We are never going to be totally healthy until we are brave enough to look at and talk about all of our parts.

  2. Great information!!! Mental and sexual health are issues that are often considered taboo and neglected the most. We have to get regular check-ups and check-ins. Hats off to you for this wonderful reminder!

  3. It is hard putting them all on the to do list and paying attention to each area, but we have to find a way. I hope someone does and shares the secret with the rest of us.

  4. I love this, “Think about it, what good is it to have washboard abs and buns of steel if you are mentally unstable, suffering from depression or spiritually in need of renewal.” It is so true, and its funny that we obsess over a certain type of person who excels in lets say health, they could lack in other areas. These are all areas I need to revisit, a lot of them are on the to do list, and it really shouldn’t …it’ll be a journey to achieve true balance.

  5. I agree on the importance of sexual health…that’s one aspect we neglect, but I believe human beings need that kind of intimacy & is an important aspect to nurture.

  6. I’m working on being more fit mentally. We had a great retreat at church to help get things back on track, and I’m feeling like I have the tools now to “get my mind right”. It’s definitely something that I need to work on every day, though.

  7. We have to take care of ALL of us. So true!

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