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Looking for a Job – Use All Your Networks — 26 Comments

  1. It is so important to network. And as much as I know that, I am lacking in some of my networks.

  2. Networking is so important!! A lot of times jobs aren’t even posted they are just talked about through people’s networks! My last job was like that!

  3. My boyfriend’s mom’s is the queen of saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, and this has proved true for me time and time again with jobs!

  4. Great suggestions. I got my current job through referral from my old boss. Networking is important

  5. My have times changed! I can agree that things have changed big time! If I were looking for a new job if look online first!

  6. What great tips– I definitely recommend that using social media at a huge way to network these day– but that happens in person and online!

  7. I have actually found that building my portfolio up for freelance work has been so much easier using my online contacts over my physical contacts. It’s so much easier to find times to talk with them as opposed to trying to meet someone in person.

  8. Great suggestions here. I remember looking for my first couple of jobs in the paper!

  9. As someone about to graduate college I’m trying to gather all of the resources possible to ensure success in my job search.

  10. Yes very true. Its amazing how much times have changed. Great tips for sure.

  11. So true. In this day and age you must use anything you can to your advantage to get that job!

  12. These are great tips! Will keep them in mind if/when I’m looking for a job again! 🙂

  13. Networking is key if you’re looking for a job or even if you want to keep one. It pays to be nice and business-like to everyone – you never know when you might need to call upon them someday.

  14. Networking really does hold so much value! It’s smart to look at all resources, including online, just as you’ve noted!

  15. I am not looking for a new job at the moment. I do like all the advice and I will pass along to my friends and I did bookmark the page.

  16. It is really important to look at all avenues and resources. Otherwise you could miss out in something amazing

  17. So important! I think people don’t look to their own network at first!

  18. I did just this about 6 months ago. 🙂 I was laid off after 15 years at the same company. Lucky for me, I was well known in the area, and had networked a LOT. I also had a love for social media. My social media skills were actually part of what landed me my current job!

  19. I don’t need nor want a new job, but if I were to be looking for one, yes I would use it. Great advice!

  20. I’m not currently looking for a new job but this is really great advice. You never know where a good lead could come from!

  21. These are great tips, and as bloggers we know what a difference networking makes. With so many out of work, anything one can do to open up their possibilities of finding a job is a must!

  22. There are so many sources these days.. Running a home daycare has opened up so many doors for me with so many online networks. Back in the days I would have to rely only on word of mouth and putting an ad in the local paper.

  23. I love how online networks have opened open a person’s range for employment. I can remember when you had to drive around looking for a help wanted sign or check the newspaper. Even then, you were pretty much limited to where you lived. Now – the whole world is open. It’s wonderful.

  24. I think that with today’s economy, you really need to explore ALL of your options. Networking is no new thing, it’s the way business has been done FOREVER – it’s just that now most of that networking happens online instead of at lunches and happy hours!

  25. I actually got my job through an old friend that I reconnected with on Facebook. She found me, friended me and we started chatting though a PM. One thing led to another and she ended up getting me a job!

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