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Looking for a Job – Use All Your Networks

It is wonderful to use all your networks to find a new job. Once upon a time, when people were looking for jobs they waited for the Sunday edition of the newspaper to be printed because it had all the classified listings. Then all week-long commuter trains and buses would be full of people traveling off to one interview or another based on the prospects they spent all day Sunday circling. Technology has moved by leaps and bounds so that most job leads in the classified sections of newspapers are found online rather than in the actual paper.

Just as the places where we look for jobs has changed over the years, so must our ways of networking to look for work. Most people have networks of friends in the real world for a variety of purposes. These networks include neighbors, home and school association members, church members, friends from the gym, family members and even co-workers. These are people who are turned to when the need for their expertise arises. Increasingly, these same people are developing online networks as well. These include people who like your statuses on Facebook, retweet your tweets in Twitter or re-pin your pins on Pinterest. Sometimes, these online relationships get deeper and develop into real relationships of substance. This is a good thing. My view on this matter is of course influenced by my experience. I started a blog and business with two women I did not meet in real life until 6 to 9 months after the business and blog were started. I regularly get solicited for work by companies who have no contact with me other than via email and the internet.



Modern life dictates that many people most people must work for a living. Additionally, the modern workplace has changed and people are no longer staying with in employer for their entire professional careers. This means that on more than one occasion, people will be looking for work. When doing a job search, it doesn’t make sense to make exclusive use of real world networks. When looking for a job either as an employee, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, it is important to use your online networks. Online networks have several advantages that should not be ignored. One of those advantages is potential access to a larger number if job sources. Another advantage with online networks is that it a member of your online network can send a recommendation to the person filling the job opening and it will not look unusual. These are two very nice benefits that come with online networks.



If you are in the market for a new job or new clients, do not rely solely on your real world networks. Look to your online networks for help and support as well. Think of it this way, a contractor using a house does not use only one type if tool. Instead she would make use of every tool in her toolbox that would help her do her job. You should follow that same idea when searching for a job. Make use of all your networks, those in the real world and those online.


In conclusion it is wonderful to use all your networks to find a new job. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, are you using all your sources to find a new job?

Janeane Davis

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  • It is so important to network. And as much as I know that, I am lacking in some of my networks.

  • Networking is so important!! A lot of times jobs aren't even posted they are just talked about through people's networks! My last job was like that!

  • My boyfriend's mom's is the queen of saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know", and this has proved true for me time and time again with jobs!

  • Great suggestions. I got my current job through referral from my old boss. Networking is important

  • My have times changed! I can agree that things have changed big time! If I were looking for a new job if look online first!

  • What great tips-- I definitely recommend that using social media at a huge way to network these day-- but that happens in person and online!

  • I have actually found that building my portfolio up for freelance work has been so much easier using my online contacts over my physical contacts. It's so much easier to find times to talk with them as opposed to trying to meet someone in person.

  • Great suggestions here. I remember looking for my first couple of jobs in the paper!

  • As someone about to graduate college I'm trying to gather all of the resources possible to ensure success in my job search.

  • Yes very true. Its amazing how much times have changed. Great tips for sure.

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