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Looking for Work – Do Some Research — 10 Comments

  1. Such great info! I myself am currently looking for a job so this was very useful!

  2. Such great information! I’m going to be sharing this with my husband.

  3. There are so many changes in writing, consulting and the law that I am constantly reading, researching and trying to keep up with allthat is going on!

  4. Great tips Janeane in the video and in the article. I slack on this and I should stay ahead when it comes to knowing what is out there for work and what is being required of positions in my industry! Thanks!

  5. Tami, I wish you success in your job search. I hope you are able to find something appealing intellectually and financially soon.

  6. Scott, thank you so much for telling me this! I was able to correct that. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention!

  7. I’m looking for a job and haven’t found anything appealing just yet.

  8. Janeane – the video isn’t loading, it is just showing the embed code.

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