Have a Love Affair with Books – It’s Sensational

It is sensational to learn to read so you can start a love affair with books.

I have always loved books. I learned to read when I was three years old. I remember my father bringing home a bunch of Dr. Seuss books. I read those books with my mom who taught me to read. I liked turning the pages, seeing the words and pictures. I liked how you could string together bunches of letters and those bunches became an interesting or fun story.
As a child, I learned to read just so I could play with my books and do what my teachers asked. In order to pass exams in English classes, I had to learn to read for theme, point, and character development. I learned to read to provide pleasing answers for high school teachers and college professors. As a law student, I learned to read for black letter law, facts, issues and holdings. I learned to read to look for ways to apply legal principles to fact patterns in school, on the bar exam and later as a representative for my clients. 
As an adult, I learned to read for sheer joy. Today I enjoy reading for a variety of reasons:
  • to experience an interesting story
  • to check out an old classic
  • to enjoy the flow of words combining and aligning to create a new experience
  • to learn something new
  • to escape life for a short controlled period
  • to watch the flow of words


It is sensational to learn to read so you can start a love affair with books.


I must say, reading as an adult is pure joy, enjoyment, and a unique pleasure. There is something truly wonderful and exciting about reading because you want to, not because you have to. As an adult, I am free to really enjoy my love affair with reading. I read what I want, when I want, and for as long as I want. It is so refreshing, so freeing, and so lovable. I learned to read as a child.
Over the years I have learned to read for many purposes. But, it was not until I became an adult that truly learned to read simply for the sheer joy of it. As an adult, I can read without having a purpose, without having to learn something, without even having to remember what it is I am reading a moment later. So, the question for you this sensational day is, what do you love about reading?

How do these ideas work in your world?

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