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Love Affair with Books Kindle E-Reader vs Paper Book — 4 Comments

  1. I agree, I really enjoy the ease of reading on my Kindle, I don’t read on the Kindle Fire. But there is nothing like touching “real” books and browsing through a bookstore.

  2. I do both… I also got a kindle fire for a gift the year before last and I did not want to use it…but then I got addicted to a series where the pages are 800+ and I warmed up to idea of reading it on the kindle … I do both, I do not think I can ever go electronic all the way. There’s nothing like spending hours in a bookstore browsing and flipping through pages to see what to read next.

  3. I agree with you about the lugging and storage! I used to hate it when I was almost done a book, because I would have to carry the almost done book and a new book. Now it doesn’t matter!

  4. For me, it’s electronic all the way. I love e-reading. All of my books and magazines are now electronic. I don’t miss lugging my books around or finding a place to store them when I’m done.

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