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Love Home – It Makes Work Worth Doing — 10 Comments

  1. Yes! We know the bad parts of work, but we need to get a good attitude and be thankful for the good parts.

  2. Sometimes it is good to remember that our jobs, even when we hate them, do make all the wonderful things at home possible! Enjoy your baby, I remember when my teenie bopper was her age, 16 years ago!

  3. Now that I’m a mom, I really look forward to getting home from work. My daughters face lights up and she drops what she’s doing and runs toward me with open arms. Feels so good after a long day at work!

    Thanks for the reminder that my job pays the bills! It allows me to live in a nice apartment with a scenic view:)

  4. Absolutely. You would think that working from home would ruin that, but knowing that I can shut down the computer and go to one of my favorite spots of the house and relax really is helpful. I know all the stressful work I may be doing in my office is helping to keep the other rooms of the house paid for, special, and appreciated.

  5. Yes, there is joy in knowing that whatever it is, it is your home and your work provides that home.

  6. This quote sums it up: “When I think of home I think of a place where there is love overflowing.” That’s what I think about my home and love it! 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness, I used to think about home and my bed and my couch all of the time when I was working in the office. Even now, after a long day out, shopping or doing errands, it’s a joy to come home and relax in my lovely space. It’s small, but it’s mine 🙂

  8. You love those sticky notes. Have you tried a sticky note program for your computer? They won’t get lost.

  9. I’ll write down on sticky notes and place them in front of me of what I am working on getting at the moment, whether its an extra 200 to go on vacation or paying off a bill in full …it helps keep me focused on what needs to be done, regardless of what I’m not liking to do at the moment.

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