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Love Taking Action, Because Faith Without Work is Dead

It is magnificent to fall in love with taking action because faith without work is dead.

I am part of a few accountability circles. One I formed with two women after a conference last October. We had some starts and stops and we are still working our way through how to make the group work, but we are working it out. I have another accountability group formed with two business partners. We are informal in our interaction, but we hold each other accountable and provide each other with encouragement and support. I have another group of women in a Facebook group that help me with accountability by asking me to share my failures and successes and pushing me on to succeed.
The thing that makes all of these accountability groups work is that the members all demand action. In each of these three circles, my accountability partners allow me to plan, to research and to think things out. However, none of them let me get away with stopping there. They all demand that I get up and do some work. No matter how beautiful my plans are, no matter how exiting the ideas I come up with are, nothing matters until I step out and take some action. It is required that I take action, that I move forward with the plans I have made. My accountability groups demand that I take action.

At the heart of everything that I am, is the fact that I am a church girl. My Christian faith gets me through all kinds of situations. A major part of me being a church girl is my faith, mustard seed faith. It says in the Bible, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can say to a  mountain move and it shall be cast into the sea. Another thing you hear a lot if you grow up in the churches I went to is that faith without work is dead. The idea behind the first statement is that you only need a little faith to get things done. The idea behind the second statement is that no matter how strong your faith, you must get out and do something, put in work in order to make things happen.

Photo Credit: Janeane Davis Magnificent Monday, faith without work
As you read these words, you are undoubtedly thinking of a dream you have, the thing in life you have faith would turn out wonderfully if you just . . . Well today is the day to just . . .  to do whatever it is you need to do to accomplish your dreams.  You know that article you want to write because it could change lives, write it. You know that idea at work that would improve productivity and make you irreplaceable, today is the day to share that idea with management. You know that parenting idea that would help you be a better mom and get your kids back on track, today is the day to try it. Let today be the day you fall in love with taking action. Faith without work is dead, get up and put in some work. So, the question for you this magnificent day is what are you going to take action on today?
Janeane Davis

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  • I definitely find being in our accountability group as a blessing. And you, my friend, do such a great job of motivating us. We can't make our dreams come true without work and having a group to turn to that will remind you of that is truly amazing.

    • You know that expression,"teamwork makes the dreamwork." I like having a team to encourage me, support me or even point out typos! An accountability group makes it easier to do what you want to do!

  • You are a GREAT accountability person. I appreciate you pushing me, and I hope that I'm not too hard when I'm pushing you back! :-)

    • I am glad I am serving your needs. I can take it, be hard, if you ar too easy I will ignore it.

  • I'm taking action on movement, physical movement. I have to get moving! Thanks for the push!

  • I'm hosting a webinar for the family-friendly businesses and brands I've worked with this week. Meeting with my blog coach has helped a lot!

    • I am so happy that you shared your accomplishments here! A blog coach is a great person to have on your team to keep you working and moving toward your goal.

  • I think it is important to reinforce that accountability has to be established in TRUST first with a person who deeply understands the idea of grace.

    • A nice point. Trust has to be the backbone of the relationship and grace is necessary.

  • THIS is part of my actions... Following up with all my lovely ladies. Thanks for the motivation!

    • Thanks for stopping by, I am glad I wrote something motivating!

  • People perish for a lack of vision. YOU definitely have a vision. keep it up!

  • I have found more courage to try things because of my faith. I realized that God will make things work out for the best if I just try.

    • Yes! God makes possible our imposibilities. He always rewards our faith!

  • Go has definitely given me faith to move mountains. When I first began building my business I secretly doubted myself with every opportunity for advancement but I kept following where God was leading. That was the works. There is a great deal of power when we put our faith in Gods promises and calling on our lives. If we trust Him even when things seem impossible He producers great evidence in return for that trust.

    • We serve a wonderful God who tells us that He will reward our faith and He always does. Faith in God is always well placed. You are right he does give great results in return for our investment of faith.

  • I can definitely relate because I have a few accountability groups too and it has definitely helped me stay on task, and has helped me stay focused on what's important. And action is definitely key to gaining any type of success :)

    • Christine I am glad to hear you have a few accountability groups too. People thought I was crazy. But, the reality is different people help with different things.

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