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Love Technology – It is an Organizational Marvel — 7 Comments

  1. You are right about how much easier and neater it is to keep a calendar using technology.

  2. For daily planner and special days reminder, Using technology makes easier and comfortable. You didn’t have to remark on the calender for special days and you have zero percent chance to forget to start a task in time, if you set a reminder.

  3. In recent time technologies gives us vast opportunity to make our life easier.I really appreciate how you used technologies in your daily work .And Thanks for sharing it with us with your beautiful writing 🙂

  4. The planner is no good unless you actually use it, so set the to do list, make the calendar plans but then work it.

  5. i use technology for keeping track of appoints and such but it seems I still procrastinate on what needs to be done that is not an appointment … I recently decided to go back to a daily planner …after reading this I think I’m taking a step back but we’ll see how it goes once I start using it :/

How do these ideas work in your world?

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