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Love to Take Action Now Because Someone is Watching — 18 Comments

  1. When I became an auntie I became more conscious of being a role model. I have nieces and nephews and always want them to feel pride in having me for an aunt.

  2. I remind myself often that I am a role model… my nieces and nephew remind me… my kids at the youth group at my church ..my friends and family …I am the go to family …for as long as I can remember… its also the voice that whispers in my ear to keep me on point and moving forward … it also helo s me fight off my procrastination. I like how you point out the people who can also put you down for your success …they are hard pills to swallow and its great to be reminded why this is their reaction.

  3. Yes! Everywhere we look there are people who are watching us and waiting for our example before they act. It is a real responsibility.

  4. This has been a thought in my mind since I was a young girl. I’m the oldest of 11 cousins and was constantly reminded that I’m setting the example for all of them. I never thought about being a good student to be successful, but more along the lines of being a good student because my cousins needed to see me be one. It’s been the same way for my own family now, and even in my marriage. I make sure to show my husband and kids that following your heart and dreams will get you far in life, and encourage them to do the same. Blogging has also helped when it comes to being a role model. People are watching and wanting tips on how to do what you do, or tips on what not to do.

  5. I’ve been very conscious of my action since becoming a mother and even more so since giving my life to Christ. I realize my life is not about me but about glorifying God and building up others.

  6. I’ve been very conscious of my action since becoming a mother and even more so since giving my life to Christ. I realize my life is not about me but about glorifying God and building up others.

  7. Oh, I know it! Especially with being a blogger and sharing so much of my life online…I know that folks are watching and looking to see how I handle things. Maybe they aren’t looking because they care so much about me, but they are looking to see how THEY could handle some of the same situations. It motivates me to be better, knowing that others are watching.

  8. As a parent we should always consider our actions as if our children are watching. Because if we realize it or are willing to admit it they are watching. At all times.

  9. You are very correct. I learned the hard way how perceptive kids are and now I try so hard to be A-game at home with my kids. I like the way you phrased that.

  10. Ok, you went right for the big guns, God is watching! I will work on keeping that in mind in advance of my actions instead of after.

  11. Good points, Janeane.

    Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to realize that someone is always watching, learning, choosing to follow your lead. Children are so much more perceptive than adults give them credit for. Yes, bring your A-game every time. Why would you offer less?

  12. Yes! The funny thing is that our children watch what we do and say and are very disappointed by contradictions between the two.

  13. Man, I wish more people actually walked around conscious of this!! Do you know how much better we’d behave??? Wooooow! That would be awesome! We’d surely have more adults stop saying “Do what I say do, not what I do…” << a phrase I hate!!

  14. Your welcome Makeba. I know my children’s newsy little eyes motivates me to do some good stuff as well.

  15. This is something that I remind myself of very often, especially during times when I want to give up. Sometimes just knowing that my children are watching me and that however I handle things they will use as the guide to how they should handle similar situations is the only thing that pushes me to keep going. Thanks for sharing!

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