• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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Love Your Work – There is a World of Opportunity

It is wonderful to love your work because there is a world of opportunity.

No matter what kind of work you do, you should find a way to love it because there is opportunity in your work. A person who works for their own business controls the destiny of that business and the destinies of the people employed, this means there is opportunity. A person who works for a small company has the opportunity to come up with amazing ideas to help the company grow. A person who works in the home has the opportunity to make the home a better place for those who live in the home. No matter what kind of work you do, there is opportunity, seek it out, work towards it find a way to make wonderful things happen where you are.

Almost every person who works thinks there are things that can be done better. It seems to be a natural part of being employed to think that your way of doing things is better than the plans established methods. This situation creates a defining moment. A person of good quality and character will look for ways to get that better idea into action. A person of lesser quality will not try to get the new idea into action, but will complain about how things are going, never striving for improvement. When a person has the right mental attitude, she will look for ways to make things better wherever she finds herself. A person with the right mental attitude looks for the opportunities in every situation.

Not every company will be receptive to every idea, even if they are good ones. Not every opportunity is for every organization. Sometimes exploring the world of opportunity means that you take your ideas on the road. In the work place this may mean that you may have to take your ideas with you to a new place of employment. In other cases it may mean that you start a new business so you can put the ideas into action. If you are a person who works at home you will not leave and start a new home if your family members are not open to your idea, but you may consider starting a home based business or writing a book so that others can benefit from the opportunity you have discovered.


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No matter what type of work you do and no matter where you do it, find a way to love your work because there is a world of opportunity in work. So the question for you this wonderful day is how do you find opportunity in your work?