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Love Your Work – There is a World of Opportunity — 16 Comments

  1. Amiyrah, I love your attitude toward it all. Sometimes instead of waiting for opportunity to knock, we have to go look for it.

  2. I find opportunity daily in my online work. How can you not? It helps to have the outlook of knowing great things are out there if you want them. Even when I have to do my military duty, I try to find an opportunity to make that experience and that day a great day, even if it’s just realizing that I get to spend a few days with some of my favorite people.

  3. A great reminder and great series about making the best out of our jobs and making sure that we love what we do. I completely agree, especially in looking for opportunities in everything that we do.

  4. I believe that we can love any job that we are tasked with. It’s just a matter of finding the THING that makes it important and special to you. If you work at a fast food restaurant, maybe it’s holding to the fact that you like people and want to make others feel good. So, as you’re taking their order, you smile, are kind and polite, and encourage them to have a good day when you hand them their food. Life is way too short to work a job that you DON’T love!

  5. That is a wonderful thing and a good example of using the job you have to create the job you want. Congratulations.

  6. There are all sorts of opportunitiea. My previous job gave me the opportunity to see what a bad working environment really is. My current position has given me the opportunity to ease into being a leader.

  7. Truth! They say if you love what you do then it does not feel like work … hoping to be in that boat soon! Although I am very grateful and enjoy the work I do now … I can’t say I am in love.

  8. It is a blessing to love what you do and it is a blessing that you can find joy and opportunity even with a job you do not love.

  9. It is such a blessing to love what you do! Thanks for sharing…everyone should have a chance to really love what they put their hands to do, and to go with the creativity that God has gifted them with to make it better 😉

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