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Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans Fall #Fall4Phones #CollectiveBias — 26 Comments

  1. I think the price we pay for all our phones and unlimited everything is simply amazing. I have no complaints at all! I am so happy with our plan. The Galaxy S4 is new to me and I like it a lot.

  2. We actually pay less for three phones than my friend pays for one phone and we have unlimited everything. My teenager stays on Netfix and Tmblr.

  3. Cell phones have become such a necessity now. You have to have it no matter what so I think deals like this are always great to come by! It’s great especially for our young ones.

  4. I love that Wal-Mart has offered a phone service that is pretty affordable. It only makes sense to switch.

  5. I loved seeing that last photo. Obsidian is one of my favorite stones!

  6. Your phone takes great pictures. Walmart really does have great plans. It’s nice to know that cell phone plans are getting cheaper.

  7. I just updated my phone plan and it is astonishing how much I pay every month. This might be perfect for the next time I’m up for a renewal so I am not sending money down the drain. – Katy

  8. I have used many different linds of phones and Samsung is and probably always will be my favorite. Not just for phones.

  9. I love that it is unlimited! I’ll look into this since my contract is almost up!

  10. I gave my daughter the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, my son has the Windows Phone and I have the Samsung Galaxy S4. These phones are modern, great and use all the software apps and things that make modern life fun!

  11. I didn’t realize this phone plan has modern phones. I love unlimited anything so this would be ideal for me. I’m sick of stressing out about possibly going over data!

  12. Google Now is new to me. I have only had my new phone for a few weeks, but I like it. When I took the train to the city, it knew and toid me when the next train home would be arrive and how long it would take. I loved it.

  13. It sounds like it covers you for pretty much every need. Also, I need to check out Google Now!

  14. This sounds like an awesome phone and one that would also be great for my kids.

  15. I think it’s really cool that Walmart has gotten into the smartphone game. They always have great prices on everything else, so I’m sure their phone plans are going to be affordable, too.

  16. Samsung is a trusted name phone. I love having the Kindle reader on my phone

  17. Thanks for this. My daughter is a pre-teen and is already asking for her own phone.

  18. That sounds like a great phone. Maybe when I am done with my current contract?

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