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Lyrics to Live by In 2017

I want to make the world better for those around me.

I am the oldest of six children. I met my husband when we both worked as tutors at a local college. I am the mother of four children. I created a blog so that I could encourage, inspire and motivate women to be their best at work and home. One of my biggest joys is to help others to succeed. I have taught my children since they were infants that I want them to do and be better than me in all they do. I get a true joy from seeing others succeed and achieve their dreams.

Years ago I heard the Celine Dion sing “Because You Loved Me” and the song brought me to tears. The song reminded me of my husband Darren and how he made each of my dreams his own. His constant support, encouragement and pushing has helped me to reach all my dreams.

Check out the video here:

Over the course of the next year, I want to help others, those in my family, my friends and my clients to achieve  year, I want them to look at me and be able to say honestly, as the song does:

My world is a better place because of you

It is important to be of service to others. We are at our best when we help others. By making the world better for those around us, we make the world better for ourselves. If you have ever been in a position where you were you couldn’t find a way to move forward until someone else came along and helped you, then you clearly understand the following words from the song:

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak
You were eyes when I couldn’t see

I have several accountability circles for various projects. Each of these circles is made up of people I admire and respect. The circles work because I respect them, admire them and think they can do the great and wonderful things they dream of accomplishing. It is my mission to work with these accountability circles to help them make their best better. Over the course of the year, I will help them to reach their goals and then set new goals to reach. My goal is that at year’s end they will be able to look at me and say:

You saw the best there was in me
You picked me up when I couldn’t reach
You gave me faith because you believed

It is an awesome responsibility to set this as one’s mission for the year. I have chosen this because it is a high calling and an honor to be of such service to others in this way. It is said that to whom much is given much is required and I have been blessed in many magnificent ways. I am looking forward to being a help and a blessing to others over the course of the year.



Are you a word of the year person or a song of the year person? If so, share your word or song in the comments. If you are not a word or song person, what do you use to help you stay on target and on track throughout the year?

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  • Flex that muscle! Thanks for the wise words.

    • You are very welcome for the words. I am looking forward to putting them into action.

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