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Magnificent Monday – Add Something Magnificent to the World

Magnificent Monday – sometimes it is magnificent to add something special to someone else’s life.

I belong to a support group on Facebook made up of wonderful women who write blogs and are involved in a wide variety of social media networks. Recently one of the members started a procedure that reviewed each member’s blog and offered constructive criticism. My blog went through this process and the new and improved site you see is in large part a result of the comments I received from my group members.

One of the group members,  Brandi Jeter of MamaKnowItAll, who blogs at www.mamaknowsitall.com, commented that a nice header that reflected my personality would be a great improvement. I do not know Brandi personally, only through our Facebook group. I agreed I needed a better header, but put the idea on hold because I did not have any good ideas for the change. Without me asking, Brandi stepped in, designed an amazing header, offered it to me and now it is part of my blog. Go back to the top of the page and check it out. It is AWESOME. Look on the left at the definition of Superwoman. Is that clever or what?  I think her improvements are such an amazing thing. My husband and daughter looked at her changes and agreed they were an incredible improvement to the blog.

Check out this song by Mary Mary that describes my feelings on the matter.

Mary Mary “The Biggest Greatest Thing”

I think we should all take the opportunity to do something incredibly kind for someone else without being asked. There are two rewards that result from you doing kindnesses for others. First, the person you are kind to has some sunshine added to her life. Secondly, you have sunshine added to your life. It feels good to do something good for another person. When the person you have done something kind for really likes what you did, it makes you feel really good. In addition, very often, the person you did something kind for wants to return the favor, wants to do something something kind for someone else.

It works that way for me. Whenever someone does something kind for me, I appreciate it. I know that no one owes me kindness and generosity, so I appreciate when the kindness and generosity comes my way. It always makes me go find someone to show unexpected kindness and generosity. Good things, good acts are as contagious as the common cold. So, get up, go out, do something kind for someone who is not expecting it from you.

So the question for you this Magnificent Monday is what magnificent thing can you add to someone else’s world?

Janeane Davis

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  • In that spirit, thank you for your kind words. I love what she did! It looks so much better, and what makes it even more special is that she did it voluntarily, because she saw it was needed. I do nice things for people whenever I can, but I am always blown away when someone shows me an incredible kindness.

  • I love your new header, that's the first thing I noticed. Very summery looking! Makes me want to change the colors of my blog. That was very nice of your friend.:)

    I strongly believe a little bit of kindness goes a long way. I make sure to say thank you whenever the bus driver lowers the bus for me to get off or say thank you when someone holds the door open for me. Two little words that can make someone's day...

  • I really enjoyed this post. I think the most important thing I'm taking away- You never know how someone can use you & your words & gifts & talents. So I'll be more conscientious of how I can add to somebody's world!

    • I like your take away! I will try to be more conscientious of what I am adding to other people. I want to be someone people are glad to see coming rather than cross the street to avoid.

  • Pam, thank you for the compliment. I will be sure to tell Brandi what you said, I am sure she will be happy to know her work is received well. I am looking for ways to pay her kindness forward today, it feels good to do it.

  • I noticed it too. It's the best I've seen in a while!!

    I strongly believe in paying it forward.

  • I noticed your header as soon as I clicked on your blog. It really makes it pop!
    Your blog is coming along nicely! I enjoy reading what you write and the changes you are making can only make your blog stand out.
    Nice job!

    • Rachee, thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoy writing a great deal. I am glad that the changes are making the blog better for people to read. I am not good at appearance issues, so Brandi's help meant a lot to me. I am glad that what she did, what I wanted, but could not do turned out well.

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