• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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Get Information and Take Action

Magnificent Monday – it is magnificent to get all the information you need and then take action.

Each Magnificent Monday throughout the month of December will be devoted to taking action. Upcoming articles will deal with the issues of:


–     you failed before, but still take action

–      you have a full plate, but still take action

–      use your accountability group to help you take action

Today we are exploring the idea of getting information and preparing to take action.


photo credit: Luz Adriana Villa A. via photopin cc  magnificent Monday,  action, get information, prepare


Many people have grand dreams and plans, things they want to accomplish. Unfortunately for some, they are afraid to take action and their dreams remain dreams for ever, never becoming something more. While we need to take action to accomplish our goals and make our dreams come true, it is foolhardy to take action without gathering information and making a plan for action.

Before taking action, spend a few moments to make sure you have the information you need to take action. for example, if you are preparing to leave home to drive to work, arrange your morning routine so that you have time to check the local traffic report. The time you spend gathering this information is invaluable if it helps you avoid traffic congestion and get to work on time.

If you want to exercise and get in shape after long periods of inactivity, it may be wise to consult a physician to find out if there are any limits on the type of exercise program you should undertake. Taking the time to get this information is invaluable if it helps you avoid a hospital stay.

While it is good not to be afraid to take action, it is not smart to take action without gathering sufficient information to work smart, instead of merely working hard. So, the question for you this Magnificent Monday is what do you to take action with all the knowledge you need?