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How to Take Action – Be Scared But Move

Magnificent Monday – it is magnificent to be scared, but still take action and move.

Each Magnificent Monday throughout the month of December will be dedicated to different ideas on how to take action. I will be exploring several different ideas on how to take action including:
  • Get information and prepare to take action
  • You failed before, but take action
  • You have  a full plate but take action
  • Use your accountability group to help you take action
Today, the Magnificent Monday conversation is – you are scared, but still take action.
In life, almost nothing happens without action. Everything starts with a first step, number one on the list, Plan A. However, most people find it hard to actually get around to taking the first step. One of the most common reasons why a person does not move forward and take action when necessary is fear. Fear is a paralyzing emotion that has been felt at one time or another by almost every human being.
When we experience fear, there are a variety of actions we can take:
  • accept that we are scared and that it is justified and let the fear paralyze us
  • accept that we are scared and find a way to put on our big girl panties and take action in spite of the fear
I have a few friends who are not taking action because of fear. One friend is starting a business and she has never had her own business before so she does nothing. Day after day, after day, she sits and thinks about starting her business. She never starts trying to meet clients, she never works on her business plan, she never and she never takes any classes to get better at what she wants to do. Every day she tells me she wants to run her business and tells me all the things she is scared will happen. Every day I tell her she should suck it up and get moving, that she cannot let fear keep her from following her dream.
When you have action you need to take and fear starts to set in, don’t ignore it, tell it hello and goodbye.  When fear comes my way, I tell it to go away. I literally say “Fear go away, you are not welcome in my life, my home or my mind.”  I often think of the words from the CeCe Winans song, “I Want You Out.”  In the song she talks to her enemy and tells her enemy to get lost and to have nothing further to do with her.  Here are some of my favorite words from the song:
Get out
Get out
Don’t want you on my porch no more
Stop looking in my window pane
‘Cause you my enemy and not my friend
. . .
Don’t want you on my radio
Don’t want to see you on my TV screen
Don’t want to read you in my magazine
. . .
And when you go
Please stay away
. . .
This is what we should say to fear, get out, just get out. In order for us to get where we want in life we have to kick fear to the curb and just move forward. It is okay to be scared, but you cannot let fear stop you from taking action and doing what needs to be done. This Magnificent Monday, tell fear to get lost! The question for you this Magnificent Monday is what do you do when fear threatens to keep you from taking necessary action?
Janeane Davis

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  • So many people either don't start or finish something because of fear and they stick to the same old in fear. Sad. Great topic.
    I like to take action and get over the fear. But I'm still afraid of big dogs.

    • I don't know Lisa, I think fear of big dogs is reasonable! I have that one also. I am glad you liked the article. Thank you for stopping by!

  • This hit close to home. I have so many things that I am afaid of starting, even though I have plans set. I have to just jump in and do it. Failing may happen, but failing just makes you fall into success.

  • Great post. Right on time. I need to talk to my son about this exact balance....Its ok, but paralysis is not an option!

    • Yes and we need to learn to keep moving while we are beating fear down.

    • Yes and we have to learn to keep going while we are beating the fear down.

  • I have a question. What if you have a friend who you have tried for several years to get going and they just keep being stuck on go, do you ever give up and say well not everyone is meant to have a business, maybe some just need a hobby? Great article!

    • Carol, the reality is that everything is not for everyone and not at the same time. You cannot make someone else follow her dreams. Leave her alone and if she is ever ready, pick up and support her as if it didn't take years to get going.

  • Great article. You hit the nail on the head. It is okay to be scared. People need to her that. Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Getting scared is a fact, no good comes from denying that fact. The good comes from rcognizing it and moving in spite of fear. That is what the Smart and Sassy people do. : )

  • Fear is a great motivator. When handled properly, it can help you to prove to yourself what you thought you couldn't do. I love CeCe Winans and especially this song! Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you liked it. I love the CeCe song too. I imagine her walking around the house, getting rid of all problems, speaking them away!

  • Fear F: False E:Evidence A: Appearing R: Real
    It is amazing how fear has the ability to grab us and hold us. Even for the most fearless person, it still creeps up time to time. But you are right, we need to dismiss our fears and take action. Great post!

    • I learned this acronym a few years ago after hearing a speaker, and I have engraved it in my memory. Fear is a natural thing that we face daily. But the more you take action, the more the fear will lessen.

      • You are the second person to comment using that acronym! You are confirming my thought that it is a good idea. You are correct that fear is natural and we face it daily. At the same time, we have to find a way to keep moving and our action leaves less room for fear.

    • I am glad you liked it. I have to remember your acronym for fear. If more of us remembered that fear is often caused by False Evidence Appearing Real!

  • It seems as if you wrote this for me! This is my motto today. I have to do a few things to resolve a few problems, but the fear has me paralyzed. As I write this, my heart is pounding because I know is either I do something now or be stuck in the situation. The fear of what it may happen takes over, and I end up putting it off. Please, keep me in your prayers. Enjoy your week!

    • I will keep you in my prayers and encourage you to tell the fear to get out, stay out!

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