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Magnificent Monday – Kids These Days are Smart #ihartholidays

Magnificent Monday – it is magnificent to see your children do things that you never imagined when you were a child.

Each Magnificent Monday throughout December we have been watching comedian Kevin Hart and Verizon share some interesting holiday stories. While watching the videos we definitely saw why Kevin Hart is a successful comedian. We watched him:

This week we are watching him describe how his kids are using technology to shop. Check out the video, it will make you smile.


The story he tells in the video about his daughter creating a hotspot and ordering her own presents definitely rang real and true with me. All my kids have been using computers almost since they learned to sit up on their own. I am a fan of technology  so I always found fun learning programs for the children.  I have a Kindle Fire that I password protected mainly to keep the twins from using it without my permission.

Whenever the kids wanted to borrow my Fire, they would have to get my permission and I would enter the password.  What I noticed after a week was that the little twin stopped asking me to enter the password. She had watched me enough times that she figured out the password and could enter it herself. None of the other three children figured it out. The little twin told the big twin so they know the password, but my nine year old son and my teenie bopper daughter still do not know the password.

I understood the pride Kevin Hart felt when he talked about his daughter using technology to shop for herself and then teaching her little brother. While I now need to change my password regularly to keep out the little hacker, I am proud that she was able to figure it out.  Kids today are so much smarter, curious and advanced than my generation was at their age. It is a beautiful and wonderful thing. So, the question for you this Magnificent Monday is have your children ever impressed you with their use of technology?




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