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Magnificent Monday – You Failed Before, But Move — 15 Comments

  1. I like that expression, “fail forward.” That attitude will help people realize that failing is a step in the process, it is not an end, but a part of the journey towards the goal. Thanks for a great phrase and image.

  2. I head someone say you should fail forward. Each failure pushes you closer to your goal. You learn from your mistakes.

  3. You are so right! I love how you are willing to just lay it all out there. Love!

  4. I love the fearlessness and determination of children. Perhaps because they live in a world where the constantly do stuff wrong or are not allowed to do things, they attack what they do with gusto!

  5. This is such a timely post for me to read. I love children because they are not jaded like adults are. I’m gonna embrace my inner child 🙂

  6. I love your example of a child learning to walk! A great reminder that they never ever give up in trying to succeed at what they want to do, and neither should we. Awesome share!!

  7. Yes! With God we know we have the victory so I know any failure I experience is only temporary.

  8. Great information. It is ok to fail but it is what you do afterwards that matters. Fear is cripling!

  9. I love the analogy of the child learning how to walk and continuing to push through regardless of how many times she/he falls. This is so true. Fear will always come around, but the more we replace it with faith, the easier it will be to overcome our challenges.

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