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Take Action Now – Make the Choice Even on the Go

Most people do not stand still, they have things to do, they are always on the move. I encourage you to take action now even if you are always on the go. Being busy is no excuse for failing to take action now to go from dreaming to actually doing the things in your dream. Pull out your technology, take action now, and make things happen!

Each day I talk with women from all over the United States who tell me they cannot take action now to achieve their dreams because they are too busy. They are busy with work. They are busy with their families. In other words, they are busy with a million things other than chasing their dreams. If the truth is told, most women have dozens upon dozens of things they must do each day. Many of these things are non-negotiable. Children have to be fed and sent off to school. Spouses have to be paid attention to. Assignments at work must be completed in a timely manner. Groceries must be purchased. For many reasons, life is busy, very busy.

When the women I talk to tell me their hopes, dreams, and plans their eyes light up, they smile, and are full of excitement. I am a woman who believes that every woman can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration, and motivation. So helping women get this reaction thrills me. I find a great deal of satisfaction and joy in helping women achieve what they hope, dream, and plan.

But, often a problem arises. That light and excitement quickly disappear when I ask them what they are doing to make their dreams reality. The light and excitement disappear because the excuses start to flow. They tell me they cannot start a new business now because:

  • they are too busy on a project at work and will start as soon as it is done
  • their children demand too much attention so it is not a good time to do something new
  • their husbands don’t want them to be in business “right now”
  • they don’t have the experience they need to make a go of it
  • they are afraid to do something new

If you are always on the go, take action now while you are going.

take action now on the go

If one of these excuses is one you give as the reason you cannot take action now to get things done be encouraged. You can take action now even with these excuses/reasons. Start using your technology to help you. If you don’t have time to sit down and write, use your smartphone to help you. Most smartphones have the following features or you can purchase apps for:

  • voice recognition so that you can talk into your phone and the software will turn it to text
  • use your voice to add items to your calendar and to-do list
  • take photos to help you remember things
    • wash dishes
    • do laundry
    • check school work
  • use the alarms on your phone for repeated reminders
  • set calendar appointment reminders for to-do items

It is important to realize that even though you are always on the go, you can still take action now on new things and get done what needs to be done in your world.

We all have the same 24 hours in each day so being busy is no excuse for failing to take action now on your dreams.

Take a moment to think about a woman you think is successful and doing wonderful things in life. Picture her face, think about what her briefcase contains, and then think about what her calendar looks like. Then take a moment to think about how many hours she has each day.

Do you think she has more or less hours in her day than you do? The correct answer is that she has the same 24 hours in each day as you do. There are many things that enable her to be as successful at what she does. One of those things is that she makes a choice. She chooses how to spend each of her 24 hours.

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You can have the success you want and achieve the things you dream of by making wise choices. Keep in mind that you have the power to make choices. You choose what happens in your life. You choose when to take action. you choose what to take action now to accomplish. Do not ever think or believe that you do not control your 24 hours. Do not believe that you cannot do what you want to do. Choose what you want and then do it. Time passes, it never stands still. So, take the time to choose what you want to be doing as that time passes. Think of how much better you will feel when time passes as you are living the dream.

choose to change the world

If you are spending all day doing things for other peole and being unfulfilled in every way imaginable, do not blame anyne else. Instead, look in the mirror. It is your life, your choice, and your fault. You decide what you will do, how you will do it, and when you will do it. If you do not like the way things are going choose to make a change. Spelman College’s school song has an amazing line that I have been using for the past three years, “It’s my chance, it’s my choice and I choose to change the world.”

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Take that idea to heart and use it in your life. This life is the only one you have. This is your chance. This is the opportunity for which you have been waiting. Choose how to spend those 24 hours. Let the dinner dishes sit until breakfast so you can use your after dinner energy to write the book you have been planning for months. Get up 30 minutes earlier each day so you can work on your business plan before the carpool line. It’s your choice. It is your 24 hours don’t let someone else plan how you spend them.

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