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Make Good Better – Take Action Now with Smart Plans

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Realism is an important part of making smart plans. When you make a plan it is important to make sure your plan is realistic. If your plan is realistic, you can work toward achieving it and feel good about what you are going. if your plan is not realistic, it is less likely that you will get good results of which you can be proud. For example, a plan to expand your business is potentially a good idea. However, if your plan is to increase sales by selling to people on the moon, you are lacking the necessary realism needed to succeed.

The final step in making sure your goals and plans are smart goals and smart plans is to make sure your plans and goals are time-bound. Just as medications and fresh fruit have a shelf life, so should your goals and plans. When your place a time limit on your goals and plans it forces you to work towards accomplishing them, rather than letting them die on the vine for lack of attention. When your goals and plans are time bound and have time limits, it gives you subtle pressure to work to get things done. The element of time helps ensure that things get done as they should.



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