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Make Work Easier To Do By Realizing Fun Has It Place At Work

It is fantastic to know that home and work can both be fun by realizing that fun has its place at work. Most people understand that work has to be done at work. But what many people forget is that work can also be enjoyable.  Every job, ranging from municipal waste carrier to president of a Fortune 500 company has some enjoyable task to be performed by the workers. For the waste carrier, perhaps there is fun to be found in making up games to discover which member of the team can lift the most bags the fastest or who can make up the most creative stories about items left in trash piles outside of houses along the route. For the Fortune 500 president, perhaps fun can be found in competing with peers to see who can come up with the most innovative new services or  products. No matter what the job, there is fun to be had, all one has to do is look for it. Take time today to find the fun in your work.
For example, the person who writes a blog may find it is hard work to come up with the words needed on a regular basis. However, fun may be found in finding the most synonyms for a certain word or in challenging a fellow blogger to get a certain number of blog posts done in a specified period of time. A person who owns a retail store can find fun at work by challenging employees to reach a certain sales target. A nurse in a hospital can find fun in challenging her peers to find the most creative way to make patients feel more comfortable on a particular day. No matter what the job, take time to find the fun in it.
After all, even though most of us work because we have to work, rather than want to work, it is nice to find something fun in the work that we must do. Looking at the effect on one’s mental condition, it is much easier to get oneself to go into a workplace that has a little fun to it, than it is to go into a workplace that has only drudgery in store.
In conclusion, it is fantastic to know that home and work can both be fun by realizing that fun has its place at work. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, how do you have fun at work?
Janeane Davis

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