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Maternity Worldwide – No Woman Should Die Giving Birth

As a member of the Global Team of 200, each month I am exposed to a variety of organizations that seek to improve the lives of mothers and children around the world. When I found out we had the opportunity to write about Maternity Worldwide and I learned about the organization I was motivated to write this article.

I am the mother of four children so naturally, the concerns and cares of mothers around the world are my concerns. In addition, I almost died giving birth to my twin daughters five years ago. So any organization that has as its motto, “No woman should die giving birth” will have my attention and respect. When I was giving birth to my twins, and getting close to death, I did not experience fear because I lived in America and was having my baby at a very good teaching hospital in a major city. I emerged fine and was released from the hospital without any extended stay.  Sadly, results like these are not possible for women in some parts of the world.




Click here to see how Maternity Worldwide helps mothers like this one.

Maternity Worldwide states they have an incredible integrated approach to maternal health:

  • Provide communities with information on maternal health and family planning
  • Empower women by providing opportunities for them to set up their own businesses
  • Improve access to health centres and hospitals
  • Train local midwives and doctors to enable them to provide safe births
  • Where necessary, we provide the equipment and resources needed so hospitals and health centers can enable women to give birth safely

Currently, Maternity Worldwide has projects in West Wollega, Ethiopia, Zomba District, Malawi and Hoima Ugannda. In addition, Maternity Worldwide has a research projects like Cradle which works in rural Africa to monitor blood pressure in order to detect pre-eclampsia a serious pregnancy complication. Another research project of  Maternity Worldwide is the safe place of birth project in Ethiopia where they evaluate maternal risk factors in order to help women get access to appropriate services.

I encourage all people to click on any of the links in this article to learn more about Maternity Worldwide and the great work it does. It is my dream that one day women who experience problems in childbirth don’t die, but are able to be secure in their childbirth experience and live.

Janeane Davis

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  • We are so fortunate here in America with our state of the art medical system. So glad you shared this information with your readers. It definitely opened my eyes.

  • Thank you so much for sharing about this organization! Like you, I almost died having my child. I didn't even KNOW the seriousness of the complications I had because my doctors were so amazing and ABLE to keep me (and my daughter) alive. Unfortunately, all women don't have the same resources, and that isn't right. I will be looking into this organization, and seeing what I can do to support it. Thank you!

    • This is one of the benefits of good health care. It shouldn't be a privilege, but a basic human right.

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