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#MaxYourTax with Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans #ad — 21 Comments

  1. I’m s glad to be done with my taxes. I am really good at getting them organized through out the year. I do my accounting at the end of every month in preparation of tax season. Thanks for all the great tips Janeane.

  2. I am so thankful to have a friend who works on taxes as her job so I do not have to worry about them this time of year.

  3. LOoks like you are on top of it. I have a lot of organizing to do!!

  4. You do such a good job at using your phone! I need to do more productive things with mine! Taxes always freak me out until they are done!

  5. That’s a great deal! I’ve had a no contract phone for years, and it’s definitely a great way to save money.

  6. Never thought to do my taxes using my phone – these are such great tips.

  7. I’m a WFM customer and I absolutely love them. No contracts and great savings!

  8. On one hand, I agree that too many people have become almost obsessed with their phones but on the other hand, I agree with you that our phones today give us so many options for a better life. Honestly, I can’t imagine parenting in an age where I couldn’t reach my child with a simple phone call or text. I’d have been a nervous wreck with a teenager 20 years ago! 🙂

  9. I don’t think I use my phone for about 85% of what it can do. Sigh, it’s on my list.

  10. my daughter has the ZInger and we paid full price. It is perfect for her age but at less than 20 dollars even better. my husband does our tasex I will have to get this article to him.

  11. I just spent a good part of this morning getting all my tax stuff together for my CPA. I can’t wait until tax season is OVER!

  12. I have yet to master the art of making my phone work for me. It DOES work for me, but I also work for it. We’re pretty much attached to each other at all times.

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