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Miracle Morning: How Big is Your Box?/

Miracle morning question -  how big are the boxes we are giving ourselves?

On my miracle morning walk today I saw the box of flowers pictured above. I saw the strand of leaves hanging over the side. It made me wonder how big are the boxes we are giving ourselves?

All areas of life can be divided into boxes. Here are a few of the boxes that contain our lives:

  • personal life
  • spouse  or significant other
  • children
  • professional life
  • social circles
  • friendships

All of these areas take up time and space in our lives. While these areas may overlap at times, they are distinct and separate areas. How big is the box that you give each of these areas?

Miracle morning question -  how big are the boxes we are giving ourselves?

Let’s start off by explaining what I mean by the box you give something. The following questions define the box:

  • how much time do you give this area
  • what effort do you put into developing and improving this area
  • how hard do you work to make sure this area thrives
  • exactly how much time do you spend making sure this area the people in this area sell valued and important

There are only 24 hours in each day. That means there is only so much time and effort that can be spent on each box. We cannot give every box the same amount of attention each day.  Instead, we have to establish priorities. The trick is to figure out which box needs the most attention right now.

Think of your boxes as a garden. In order for each box to grow, thrive, and live, each one must be given attention. Spend time on a regular basis to feed your boxes. Give them what they need to grow and thrive. Make sure you weed out things that are unnecessary, unimportant, or hurtful.

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If you follow this method, your boxes will be well taken care of and no area of life will be neglected. In this way, your life will be better, more organized, and happier.

*** What the Miracle Morning means in my world.***

Recently, I decided to start a Miracle Morning routine. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it involves getting up a little earlier in the day. The day starts with you doing SAVERS. To translate that into English, it means:







In my world, I start with spirituality – I read my Bible and pray. Next, I read or write affirmations. I do a lot of work dealing with creating confidence so I read my creating confidence affirmations or spend time creating 1 or 2 more. For visualization, I spend time picturing what will make the day successful. Exercise involves me taking a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. After my walk, I read. I created a reading list for the mornings. This is a list of books, I want to read for pleasure, for enrichment, or because I need to read them. Finally, it is time to scribe or write. I have decided to turn the things I think about on my walks into blog articles for my scribe activity.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the Miracle Morning series.

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