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Motherhood- It’s Not A Competition or a Hustle — 14 Comments

  1. I agree that being a mother is hard period. I’m married, and because my husband’s work hours are crazy, there are times when I’m doing everything alone.

  2. I am honored that you found something in my words worth sharing with a friend! That is indeed high praise and a treasured compliment.

  3. You are correct. We should stop worrying about what others think and stop telling others what to do merely because we do things differently.

  4. The world will be a better place when we don’t feel the need to tear down another person and instead use that energy to make life better at home.

  5. I really love your post, We all want whats best for our family we are all working hard to be the best mother to our family. i’m gonna tell this to my sister

  6. You bring up many good points that I often fail to think about when it comes to motherhood. I need to share this with a friend of mine.

  7. I think being a mother is determining what is best for your family, your situation and your beliefs. We all should stop the judging. It’s not beneficial to anyone. Stand up for yourself and your family and stop worrying about what others think.

  8. The mommy wars. Just frustrating that we women have to tear each other down. Somethign I am working hard at not doing or be involved in any more.

  9. Yes! We may all do it a little differently, but we are all trying to do it well. What I do works wonderfully in my home, with my family, but may be a disaster for other families. Motherhood is custom made and there is no one size fits every family.

  10. Yes, we are all working hard to be the best moms we can no matter what our marital status. There just seems to be something a little unsavory about calling motherhood a hustle.

  11. I’m glad you shared this! I’m not a mother but I know my mom does ALOT. It is always hurtful to me as a woman to see other women talk about other mothers who work or don’t work or don’t necessarily parent the way they would want them to. Most mothers are doing the best that they can and do a darn good job of doing so.

  12. I agree, we are not in a competition here. We all work hard and we all have a variety of things happening in our life, good and bad, that we are dealing with…regardless of our marital status. I also don’t like the work hustle. I have never ever thought of that word when I needed to describe my day as a working mother.

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