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Mother’s Day and Technology – A Mama Cannot Be Replaced — 16 Comments

  1. If you figure out a way to get Daniel to put stuff in and follow it, please share your secret. Darren acknowledges that I have everything in the calendar, but he does not look at it! He just calls me for the info.

  2. That is definitely comforting to know that where ever you are, you can still be a comfort to your children. They rely on you to move mountains and you do it well. Taking down notes on organizing my family with technology.

    Daniel and I have our phones to share each other’s calendars but I am the only one who puts in their information lol We’ll have to work on that.

  3. I use it, but cannot get my husband to use it even thought it comes to his email each week. If you get your husband to use it,please share the secret of how you got him to do it.

  4. Well said Janeane! Moms are powerful people. Technology is good, but moms are better:)

  5. Nothing can replace mom. At 33 i am blessed to have mine and still need her daily.

  6. Yay Band practice! As a fellow ex band geek – I remember the days of the black skirt and white shirt! So fun! And I also remember my mom doing the same thing for me. Getting things done. I love having the same spirit. Your a great mom, and getting things done is the name of the game 🙂

  7. Janeane, I’d like to first say I’m happy you all are on the mend, even though it will take some time. It is always great when technology can help us in our activities but you are right they cannot replace a Mama. I’m sure for your son it was also comforting for him to know you ‘saved the day’ as reassurance that you are safe and sound and still very much present in his daily experiences as he may have had occasion the ‘what-if’ question. I too, have observed a certain creativity and calm energy when the TV is off and my girls are not parked in front of a screen – the same probably could be said for me who has been sitting at my laptop since 8am this morning. Maybe I should take a timeout. Stay blessed.

  8. My husband says the best our kids ever behaved was when all the electricity was our for seveal hours due to a sortm.

  9. Sing it sister, you are so right!! I think technology can HELP a mama, but it can hurt too. Like I blogged about earlier this week, my kids are more like kids when I ban the tech (TV included). They grumble and then they flower 🙂

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