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NAACP Come With Bright Ideas Leave With Strong Marching Orders

The NAACP selected the City of Philadelphia as the location for its 106th annual convention. The theme for this year is – Pursuing Liberty in the Face of Injustice. The event promises to be an amazing one. As usual, the convention will focus on the NAACP’s six priority areas. These are:

  • Civic engagement
  • Health care
  • Education policy
  • Economic development
  • Environmental justice
  • Criminal justice system


One thing I found extremely interesting was the fact that these areas have always been priority items for the grassroots organization. Recent events in Ferguson, Baltimore and Charleston did not influence these priority areas, but certainly show they are relevant. An additional interesting fact us that one in every 10 board seats in the NAACP is reserved for a young person. In fact young people are a major consideration in each of the priority items.

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