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Naysayers -Tell Them To Shut Up


It is terrific to realize that you can control the naysayers in your life by telling them to shut up! In all my roles including wife, mother, advisor ad writer I am always a cheerleader. Anyone who has a dream can always count on me to push them toward their dreams and to believe they can reach the stars. It costs me nothing to believe in the power of another person’s dreams. In fact, I gain when I believe in someone else’s dreams and help them achieve. The person who gets the benefit of my pushing and cheerleading gains support and an accountability partner. It is an easy win-win for us both.

Yesterday I had conversations with three different friends who were all wonderful women, smart, talented, educated, attractive and just awesome in so many ways. But they were overcome by the voice of naysayers and were not reaching their full potential. There is a popular saying that “game recognizes game.” It means that people who are a certain way recognize others that are that way. I know what it is like to be hurt, crippled and diminished by naysayers because I have experienced that in my life. I have friends (former friends) and family members tell me I would never accomplish my dreams, never have a happy life and never be what I wanted to be.

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Janeane Davis

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  • I always feel like the new year is perfect to stop wasting time on people who bring little value to your life. Say no to the naysayers in 2015!

  • It's unfortunate that in this world, people will drag you down more often than they will try to lift you up. I think much boils down to values of teamwork, respect etc. along with the perseverance that each person must, within themselves; possess in order to become successful.

  • Great advice! I get so tired of hearing people be negative and try to squash your dreams. I love the quotes that you shared in this post. (Real Talk Moms).

  • I like when naysayers doubt me. I use their negativity as my motivation.

  • i love this!! gonna save to refer back to it. its so important to let let people bring you down

  • You are right, it is so important to just stay focused on our goals. Keep on movin' on!

  • I hate naysayers but it took me a looooong time to not listen to them!

  • This is such a great post! I use it as motivation, I must be doing something right!

  • This is my new motto, I had to let a few people go this year. They will only get my behind to kiss moving forward.

    • I like your attitude. It is better to let them go and keep moving. You do not need them anyway!

  • I've never had a problem with telling people to shut up or mind their business. This is why people think I'm crazy lol. I love this post though. It will help someone who needs to hear it.

    • I like your attitude. Sometimes the best thing we can say to people is for them to mind their business and shut up! If they get ma andn leave us alone it is better for us all.

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