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Need Help to Take Action Now – Channel a Superhero!

Going from talking about it to taking action now is part of being an adult. As adults we  learn to take action now and get things done. As adults we learn that talk without action to back up the talk is very expensive. When we talk without ever stopping to take action now, we experience opportunity cost and opportunity loss. As adults, we learn that talk without action can be very costly indeed.

Q. When is the right time to take action now? A.  As the name suggests, NOW!


There are some people who talk all the time. All they do is talk and plan and then plan and talk some more. These people never get anything done. It amazes those around them because they talk big talk, it is incredible to casual observers to learn these people never accomplish anything. They make big plans and spell out all the details. They see every contingency and make arrangements to cover each contingency that may arise. The problem with these talkers is that they never take action now. They just keep talking and talking and talking and never get to the doing. It may not be that talk is cheap, instead it may be that talk without action is just doesn’t make the money that gets made when you follow that talk with action.


If you can’t manage to push yourself to take action now, pretend you are your favorite action taker and do what she would do.
Take a moment now to look at the actions of people you know who are able to get things done.  Look at the people you know who are accomplishing things and succeeding at what they attempt.  You will notice without exception, that these people are people who do more than talk, they take action now. Action is the key to their success. Adults who want to succeed move past mere conversation and take action now.  Almost all of us have a friend, co-worker or character in entertainment that embodies all the bravery and confidence we wish we had. These are the women who defy time, logic and maybe even gravity in pursuit of their goals. They are perfect examples of take action now because they do not sit and complain. Instead, they plan and do. We admire those women. We want to be those women.  I will let you in on a super secret, secret. We actually are those women!



A few years ago, because of her hard work in the community, she was selected to fill the unexpired term of the council person in her area. When that term expired, she ran for the office.  I have always admired  her community activism and the bravery she showed in running for political office. Over the course of our friendship, I have heard her say that when it was time for her to do something new, brave or courageous, she summoned her “Inner Janeane.” Of course I smiled, after all, that is a tremendous compliment. I also smile because often, she has said that on days when I am shying away from a big step, days when I feel scared to push ahead and get something done.



Recently, while cleaning my office, I came across one of her campaign flyers. I took it out if a folder in a drawer and hung it up in my motivation board. When I look at it, I am instantly reminded that anything is possible if you work for it. I have a friend who became the first African-American council person in her district. That is proof that miracles happen and that hard work and taking action now yields the results we desire. So while my friend gets her courage up by summoning her “Inner Janeane,” I often get my courage up by summoning my “Inner Councilwoman Raya.” No matter who you are, no matter how often you have to talk yourself into taking action now, be encouraged.


Do not think lowly of humble beginning. Faith as small as a mustard seed, one of the tiniest of seeds, can move mountains. If your confidence today is small, do not despair. Instead take action now, use your ability to summon your “Inner Somebody Strong” and do what she does to take action now and get things done. Do not despair if you need to call on this inner strong woman every day or even several times a day. Her job is to give you the strength or kick in the butt to get you moving. Summon her, who ever she is and move. Keep in mind, most likely, the women you admiring and using as examples are holding other women up when they summon their “Inner Superwoman.” Let today be the day you show up like a grown up and take action now.


So, the question for you this magnificent day is, who will you be channeling today when you take action now?

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