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Need Help to Take Action Now – Channel a Superhero! — 22 Comments

  1. This sounds awesome and absolutely true! You really need to channel your inner superhero sometimes, and be inspired that you too can take action now. It’s always better to do something rather than just talk about it. Thank you for this inspiring post!

  2. Taking responsible for ones actions is so important. Amazing how many people fail to take responsibility.

  3. Thank you! I love the thought of taking action now but being responsible for those actions. Doing what’s right is always best! Great thoughts here.

  4. Yes! I totally agree with this. I notice with my four year old she will put things off and realized that I need to take action now and lead by example.

  5. The idea of channeling a superhero is great. I need all the motivation I can get. I am definitely in that child mentality sometimes.

  6. Yes! I love calling on my superhero friends to get me through rough patches just like thye know they can call on me!

  7. It definitely can’t stop at words. It has to go further, but the words are important to get it started.

  8. Actions really do speak louder than words. And it’s amazing what we can all accomplish.

  9. Our word really does matter. And someone else’s does too. Absolutely.

  10. I am working on being more honorable to my word. Its important when I commit to something I need to follow through. Great post!

  11. Yes, talk is not cheap and if we do not watch what we say, talk can be down right expensive.

  12. There is nothing better then self motivation and of course taking action .. nothing at all better than that. I like that you alluded to Corinthians

  13. I always try to take action NOW.. I’m a live for the present type of person. Talk is certainly cheap and I remember learning that lesson!

  14. It is important to take action now. Also, talk is cheap. It’s always better to actually do something.

  15. So true that talk can be important but you still need to take action. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, for sure.

  16. I agree with you….talk isn’t necessarily cheap. If you are a person of their word, that your talk should be very valuable. 🙂

  17. Love how you mention that talk is cheap… I find actions speak louder than words so it’s important that both line up. Today I am not feeling the superhero part of me…but that’s ok. Authentic and real are where I am striving to be 🙂

  18. I think it’s great to channel your inner superhero. Some days I definitely feel like one.

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