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Network for Work – So Easy My Child Did It

If you are looking for work, network. It is so easy my college aged daughter did it! She used her network and mine and found a great job. If you are looking for work, use your networks online and in the real world to get a job.

When you are serious about looking for a job, you start using all the tools at your disposal – those in the real world and online.

Most people understand how networking works in the real world. It is like six degrees of separation. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone and you use those connections to help you get a job. The internet and smartphones put dozens of social networks right in the palm of our hands. This means that we are potentially connected to millions of people who can help us to find work.

In the spring of 2015, my eldest daughter was home from college for the summer and wanted a job. She used her social network which included my friends on Facebook and found a job. I sent a message to a friend on Facebook asking her for suggestions about where my daughter could apply. My friend posted a status update asking people in her network to suggest places where my daughter could apply for a real job. One of our mutual friends saw the post, communicated with my daughter and within a few hours, my daughter had a job. Later, my daughter’s boss told her one of the things that helped her get the job was the status updates I wrote about her on social media.

Now of course, once my daughter got the job, she had to work hard, perform at a high level and make her boss happy,  which she did. But, it all started with her using her networks in real life and online in order to find a job.  Think about it, if a college freshman was able to use her network to find a job, anyone can do it. It is not a matter of experience. It is a matter of taking the resources you have available to you and using them in the best way possible.

When you network to find a job, network with a plan.

When you are ready to look for a job and plan to use your networks to do so, start with a plan. Before you can ask your network for help to find a job, you need to gather some information and have it at your fingertips. The information you need to have readily available includes the following:

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  • As someone naturally shy and kind of timid, networking in person is hard for me. Networking online, however, is much easier. It's amazing what can be accomplished through social media now.

  • Yes for sure. My husband is going through this now. Networking is so important.

  • I am so glad your daughter found the job she wanted. You are so right. Networking is valuable in so many ways, especially when you are looking for a job.

  • I am so glad that your daughter found a job she is happy with. Social media has changed so many things - it look like the job search has been changed by it also.

  • I have not looked for a job in a long time. Thanks for the tips I would not know where to start.

  • Sorry about all the weird spelling in my comment! I was on my phone!

  • Social media is definitely the newest way to help in the job search. Thanks for such a well written post!

  • It is said more than half the jobs are filled via personal contact, social network or not. Not surprising she was able to find a position through FB!

  • Love this! I have actually found jobs for others using my social network. LOL

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