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New Idea for Work – Keep Your Job Off Social Media — 9 Comments

  1. I agree with you. I work from home so my co-workers are me. But I never post anything that would be inappropriate for my pastor or children to see.

  2. I don’t discuss my job OR accept friend requests from coworkers. Not everyone is discreet and some my share your off the clock activities with others. I don’t post anything I would be ashamed of, but want to separate work from play.

  3. Yes. We have friends on social media, but those conversations are not like the conversations we have on the front porch in real life.

  4. The Applebees debacle over the tip receipt and the pastor’s wife is a big reminder of this. An employee posted a receipt on Reditt and it’s brown a firestorm of controversy.
    Most employers have a social media policy that can result in termination – if not followed.

  5. Exactly!!!! People get really brave over the internet, saying things they would never say in person.

  6. Funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday. Also, about the traces of ourselves on the web. Wherever we go, we leave behind a piece of us. Thus had me thinking a lot of both blogs, twitter, and g+. I’d rather not have myself, true face self, plastered all over the web. Recently, a co-worker stumbled upon my blog via Pinterest. Proceeded to send me an email about my blog and said the entire company now knows about my blog. Really? Yes, so really got me thinking about being “somewhat” anonymous, at least by “face” and “full name”. Definitely sharing this along. Good stuff!

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