• Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

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New Look at an Old Classic – The Communist Manifesto


Take a new look at an old classic like the Communist Manifesto. I don’t talk about politics much in this space. That is funny because of all the blog articles I have written, my favorite of all times is an article featuring Karl Marx’s volume – The Communist Manifesto. I read it again recently because it has been almost thirty years since I read it and I have forgotten most of what I read all those years ago.

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Looking back at the book now, I see the young Marx trying to make his way in the world attempting to create the world he wanted. Now as a wife and mother, when I look at The Communist Manifesto,  I see my children. I see them tell me with strong know it all  attitudes and the pride of youth that they will do things differently when they are adults with children of their own. I see them discuss rules at school and the laws of our country and voice their opinions on how they can do things better, more fairly and more efficiently. That is one of the benefits of time, it gives you a different perspective on things, a new way to look at the world based upon experience, knowledge and wisdom.

As children we see only a small part of the world, often we see the world through rose-colored glasses. As we mature, we and learn more about how the world works and make  different assumptions, better estimates and more educated decisions. So, while we celebrate youth and all its benefits in terms of physical strength, beauty and good skin tone, it is also important to celebrate the benefits of aging. With age comes wisdom, knowledge, experience and hopefully deeper understanding. Those things also should be celebrated.

It is sensational to take a new  look at an old classic like the Communist Manifesto. So, the question for you this sensational day is have you ever found something interesting when you looked at a few years later?

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