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New Start for Your Business Ideas – Take Action Now

It is magnificent to take action now and  make new start with a new business or new idea for your old business. Almost every day I speak with someone who has been planning to run a business, who has a great idea for a business or who wants to take their current business off in a new direction. I remember watching a movie once where one of the main characters, a cab driver had been planning to start his own limousine business. He had notebooks full of ideas, plans, drawings, facts and figures. He had been working on his business plans for eight years. But, he had not taken any action to actually get the business up and moving.

Today can be the day you take action now to either start a new business or to do something new in your existing business. If you have a hair salon, today is the day you start offering the new service you have been thinking about. If you operate a blog or internet magazine, today is the day to add that plugin or widget you have been looking at for the past few weeks. If you have an electronic supply company, today is a good day to add another product to the sales mix. In other words, you have been talking for a long time. Let today be the day you take action now and start a new business or breathe new life into your existing business.


For everything there is a time and a season, today is the time and season for you to take action now in your business. Businesses are living things. All living things have life cycles, times when things need to be poured in so that other things can be poured out. If you have notebooks and data files full  of ideas and plans for your new or existing business, it is time to move from plan to action.  Have you  created SMART plans aka plans with steps, goals and ideas that are:

Realistic and
If no, the take action now step that you need to do today is,  get to work making your plan SMART. If you have a SMART plan on hand then get up, take action now and get started on something new.

Keep in mind that business climates, like all of life is full of special moments, crucial time frames. With your new business, do not let the time for your business pass you by. If you plan and plan without ever acting the time for your new business may pass you by. Think about it, if you had a great idea for pay telephone booths that you have been revising for the past five years, the mobile phone industry may have made your plan for a new business outdated. With your current business, time and place are also important. If there is a new business area,  you have been planning to enter, take action now and get moving. The opportunity will not last forever.

You must take action now and do the new thing you have been planning for a myriad of reasons, among them:

Time waits for no woman
Seasons change
Missed opportunities have a cost
Success comes from actions, choices and decisions


In conclusion, is magnificent to take action now and make new start with a new business or new idea for your old business. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what old business idea are you going to dust off and run?