• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

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New Tricks for Your Camera

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Find new ways to use your technology including your camera! Once upon a time, cameras were a big investment. In order to take photos one needed a camera film, and either a darkroom or lot of money to pay for photos. As technology has advanced, cameras became a commodity item and more popular among larger masses of people. Today, digital cameras make it possible for people to take thousands of photos without having to pay for darkrooms and professional processing.

As a young girl, I worked at a photo processing store. The store sold different kinds of film and provided photo processing services. Most customers took photos that were okay. However, once in a while a person took a whole roll of shaky photos, dark photos or otherwise unusable photos. There was nothing worse than asking someone to pay for a roll of terrible photos. With digital cameras, we can avoid a lot of those problems because you know immediately if the photos are no good and can delete them and start again.