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New Tricks for Your Camera


Technology changes as time passes – enjoy the change!


Find new ways to use your technology including your camera! Once upon a time, cameras were a big investment. In order to take photos one needed a camera film, and either a darkroom or a lot of money to pay for photos. As technology has advanced, cameras became a commodity item and more popular among larger masses of people. Today, digital cameras make it possible for people to take thousands of photos without having to pay for darkrooms and professional processing.



As a young girl, I worked at a photo processing store. The store sold different kinds of film and provided photo processing services. Most customers took photos that were okay. However, once in a while a person took a whole roll of shaky photos, dark photos or otherwise unusable photos. There was nothing worse than asking someone to pay for a roll of terrible photos. With digital cameras, we can avoid a lot of those problems because you know immediately if the photos are no good and can delete them and start again.


Some things change and some things remain the same.


Cameras are still used for traditional photography – portraits, capturing sunsets, animals at the zoo and school plays. However, there are a lot of other uses for digital cameras that have become so popular. Here are a few interesting ways I have used my digital cameras over the past few weeks:

  • to monitor the progress of the children cleaning their rooms
  • to keep track of how an injury is healing
  • to price shop items at different stores
  • to copy a decorating idea I saw in a store
  • as a story starter for my children to practice writing


Most of these photos were deleted in a few hours and that was a good thing. After all, do you really want to save all ten of the photos from the children telling you they cleaned their room? Digital camera technology makes it possible to use a camera like scratch paper. Take a photo, use it, trash it and use the camera later to take more photos.  Your camera doesn’t have to be a special occasion only device. Take it out of the case and let it run free.



 It is terrific to find new ways to use your technology including your camera. What is the most interesting thing you have done with your camera?


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Commit to Appreciating Technology – Why Not Upgrade

It is terrific to commit to appreciating your technology by upgrading your technology from time to time. There are some people who buy every new gadget and every new piece of software as soon as they come available. There are other people who have not bought a new piece of technology since the Walkman. Neither of these extremes represents the ideal situation. Technological advances in terms of hardware and software are abundant in today’s marketplace. It is important to understand that technology is here to stay and that advances will continue to be made.

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