There is no shiny red  ball solution, the secret to success is work, so take action now and get it done.


Don’t just dream, take action now and make the dream come true.


If you are a person who dreams, who plans great and wonderful things you are a treasure. You have the ability to accomplish all you set your mind to doing. The secret to getting it all done is to simply do the work. If there is a new product line you want to produce and sell, do it. If you have been planning to write a book, start a business or remodel your house, get up and do it. Make the moves stop making excuses.  Do the work.

If you have the ability to develop a business plan, create a product line, design the remodel of a house, then you have the ability to make those dreams your reality.  Never doubt your ability to get the job done. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that you cannot make your dreams come true. You don’t need another course, another workshop or another article to take action now. The ability to make things happen is something you have inside you. Believe in yourself, have faith in your ability.

Take a moment now to pick something you want to do. Select something that you have been putting off because you want more training, information or experience. Let today be the day you start doing that thing. Fear cannot stop you. Don’t be nervous. Just start doing what you need to do so you can move from dream to reality. If you want to launch a product, make a prototype. If you are trying to write a book. start writing. It is important to remember that your first product, your draft, your first anything doesn’t have to be the final product. You can improve things before you bring them to market.  You can improve your offerings.


Learn from the mistakes along the way.


There are lessons that can be learned from doing things imperfectly. Those lessons can spur you on to greatness and ultimate success. This means that fear of getting it wrong or not being perfect the first time out should not keep you from taking action now and getting things done. That is simply not the way to do things. As a child,  when you tried to walk or feed yourself for the first time things did not go well. In fact, things may have gone horribly wrong. However, even as an infant, you knew that if you didn’t get it right the first time, you must try again. So, you cried, wiped your tears and tried again. You tried again and again until you could walk and feed yourself with ease. That method still works. Use it!


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Let today be the day you stop chasing all those shiny red balls and start putting in the work to go from dream to reality. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what are you going to move to accomplish today?

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