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No More Stress Urinary Incontinence Fears — 13 Comments

  1. It is great that we can talk about this stuff and don’t have to be embarrassed any more. Some things do get better with time.

  2. Thanks to my four cherubs, I’ve totally been there! Especially when I was pregnant with the last guy! Good stuff!

  3. I know so many people who could use these. It’s a great way to ensure you can enjoy life to its fullest. #client

  4. This concept is so great. So many women struggle with this issue so I have been happy to try these.

  5. This is a great kit. I like that it’s discreet and not as bulky as adult diapers. The Poise Impressa Kit is great for UTI. Very informative post

  6. I could have used these when pregnant! I was always peeing my pants the last month or two, it was awful! These would have saved me a couple hundred bucks in new underwear!

  7. I don’t have leakage issues, but there is a whole group of moms in my zumba class who do & there is always a collective sigh when a song with jumps comes on!

  8. I’ve been seeing these a lot recently and they look like such a great option. I love that they are not the normal “pads” and instead stop leaks before the start!

  9. I will definitely try these out! I was part of a focus group a couple of years ago regarding incontinence and what women would look for in a product. Glad these are available. 🙂

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