• Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

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Not All Respect is Earned


If you want to succeed at work start respecting those in authority.

I often hear people say that respect is earned, not given. This is simply not true. Respect is owed. Children owe their parents respect. Spouses owe one another respect. Employees owe their employers and supervisors respect. Respect must be given because it is owed. It does not matter that respect can be lost or that it is not earned by the recipient. When it comes to work, you must show respect to those in authority.

Let’s say you are the smartest person, the hardest worker, best person ever at your job. That does not excuse your lack of respect for those in authority. No matter how wonderful you are, there are people who question how much if any respect you should be given. We all know the Golden Rule and that what goes around comes around. So, if you want respect, treat others with respect. Respect for those in authority is good manners.  There are a few synonyms for respect including:

  • regard
  • esteem
  • reference
  • deference
  • consideration
Those in authority at your place of employment make it possible for you to collect your paycheck. That alone is sufficient for them to be treated with respect. If you are a person who is employed because she needs the money, you should do things that do not interfere with your paychecks. If you are a person who is rude, disrespectful or condescending, people are less likely to want to be around you. When people don’t like to be around you, it is easier to get rid of you.
When you treat those in authority with respect you do the following:
  • show up to work early enough so that you are at your work-station at start time, not entering the building
  • do your job completely and with a good attitude
  • do not verbally disparage those in authority during the day at the workplace
  • talk to those in authority in a calm manner that reflects esteem


These rules of behavior for how to treat those in authority with respect does not mean you have to like those in authority. In fact, it does not matter at all whether or not you like or admire those in authority. Like truly has nothing to do with it. Respect requires that you exercise proper behavior period. Respect is something you do because of who you are and because it is right.
Take action now to show respect to those in authority.  Do it because it is the right thing to do. Do it because you want to keep your job. Do it because you want to help foster a good and peaceful environment at work. Do it because you are a role model for those around you. Do it because you want it done to you.
It is wonderful to know that one way you can succeed at work is to respect those in authority. So, the question for you this terrific day is, what do you do at work to show respect for those in authority?

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