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Not Tech Savvy – So What? Go Get Some Technology — 31 Comments

  1. So true! This really reminds me I need to learn how to use my camera! I have no idea where the manual is but I’m sure I can download it online! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. The good thing about not being tech savvy is you are not along & others understand that there are some of us that need a little bit more instructions & visuals to understand technology…..You are so right no excuses!

  3. Keep working on getting tech savvy, sometimes it is fun to learn to use new devices and gadgets. And, if one group of people gets sick of helping you, go on and get another group to help you. Don’t give up.

  4. I swear you must be talking to me. I am not tech savvy but I have realized that if I continue to at least try, I will get it. Half my problem is that I don’t like to bother people to help me. Some will help once, but if you continue to “not get it” they get short with you. Hence it causes me to be apprehensive. I am working on this for sure.

  5. I used to use that approach too, until I drove my husband crazy one time too many. Now he won’t let me pass it off. I do miss those days.

  6. The learning curve is probably what keeps people from keeping up with new technologyu. Especially if what they have is doing the job.

  7. Yes! It seems as if children are now born with an extra technology gene. They take to technology like they take to air.

  8. Oooo, that sounds exciting. I would like to see some of the photos when you learn more about how your camera works.

  9. I moved my book hoarding to my e-reader! If my readers are a good sampling, yes, you are a rare breed since you read the manuals.

  10. My kids are too young to be trusted with my technology. I am looking forward to the days wehn they can teach me.

  11. For all my technology talk, I totally ignored all the YouTube videos that show you how to use everything. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. I like to take the “seize the technology and figure it out” approach. And by “seize” I mean, pass it off to my husband, lol.

  13. I hate the learning curve that comes along with it, but I usually embrace whatever it is after some exposure.

  14. I think at one point we were all not so tech savvy. We learn as new gadgets come out.

  15. I am one of the least tech savvy people around! I am always having to learn something new. Just as soon as I learn it, there is something else! Oh well, keeps my mind fresh!

  16. I think I’m pretty tech savvy. I love new technology! What surprises me is how tech savvy young kids are these days. My 3 year old knows how to work an iPad better than my mom! lol

  17. I do love gadgets and I agree that just throwing yourself in there and using them makes it so much easier!

  18. I’m a book hoarder and not only mysteries and fiction, but nonfictional books. I’m actually one of those who do read the manual (must be a rare breed!), lol.

  19. I enjoy new technology but I usually have my kids explain it to me. Makes it much easier!

  20. I enjoy new technology but I have come to realize that not everyone does. I wonder how many people have time to read the manual? lol I will say that I love that there are so many video’s out there where people show you how and what your gadget can do. That’s where I learn the most. I know some folks live for all the nitty gritty details and I love them for making it simple for me. 🙂

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