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Organization for Real People

You know, there is no secret to being organized, you just have to work it.

There are always articles, televisions stories and radio programs all about organization and secret tips for getting organized. I am not ashamed to admit that I have checked out my fair share of them and I have walked away discouraged. When I look at the before pictures in the magazine or on the television shows, I wish my after shots would look that good! I want some organizing tips for a woman like me, a work at home wife and mom with four active kids. I have never found any tips that would work for my household, so in the spirit of necessity being the mother of invention, I have created my own organizing plan for work at home mothers.

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The first thing you must do is get realistic about the situation. If you have a small house and lots of people, things are going to look crowded because they are. Suck it up and keep moving. If you have the obligation and responsibility of a spouse and children, you may have to work around their schedules rather than picking your own if you want to be organized. If this is the case, suck it up and move on. Reality may mean you work your business after putting one set of kids on the school bus and before another set gets off the school bus.  My big secret for getting organized is: get real and start working with the life you have, not the life you want to have.
Let me sum it all up by sharing a few of the things I learned that work:
  • admit that perfect is not necessary, good is good enough
  • stop caring what the neighbors’ houses look like, take care of your own
  • make realistic work hours that fit your actual home
  • get the whole family involved in keeping things organized
  • put things away as you go along, not later
  • make cleaning up a daily routine and get the whole family involved by making it fun – a 30 second tidy up period
These are ideas that work for me, a real work at home wife and mom with four kids. What are your real world organizing tips?