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It is wonderful to receive paychecks on a regular basis, get a good attitude if you want to keep getting them. I am always amazed when I speak with someone who has a bad attitude at work and wonders why she either gets fired from her job or has clients stop coming to her business. While it is true that attitude determines altitude, attitude also determines whether or not paychecks continue to arrive.

When I was a young girl I had a job that I did not like. I mistakenly thought the job was beneath me and that my employer should be thrilled to have someone of my caliber on the payroll. I had a bad attitude and I was too young and inexperienced to shut up and behave better. As a result I was fired. My employer told me that since I was snot happy with my job my job was being taken away from me.  Hopefully you have no idea what it is like to be fired from a job for not being happy.

If you want to remain employed, even if you don’t like your job you must either get attitude or start behaving as if you have a good attitude.  Here are something you can do appear as if you have a good attitude about your work:

  •  smile when you enter your place of employment

  • do not engage in negative gossip with your co-workers

  • find one good thing to say about the workplace each day

  • on payday, mention how nice it is to receive paychecks.

If you want to continue to receive paychecks from clients, even those annoying clients you are sick of try the following to show a good attitude:

  • smile when your client enters your place of business

  • find one thing to compliment your client on the phone and in person

  • thank your client for the business

  • tell your client that good clients are a treasure

These ideas, both for employees and for entrepreneurs are things that are not hard to do, but will make a big difference to those who are the recipients of the actions. Your employer or clients will enjoy seeing this pleasant side of you. At the same time, your efforts at showing you have a good attitude may yield the following results:

  • your co-workers may get a better attitude toward you

  • supervisors may start to think of you as positive element in the workplace

  • clients may think you appreciate their business and appreciate you in return

  • clients may refer new business to you

  • people who are around you may catch your good attitude

In conclusion, it is wonderful to receive paychecks on a regular basis, get a good attitude if you want to keep getting them. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what can you do to show you have a good attitude.