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Paychecks are Nice – Get a Good Attitude and Keep Getting Them — 22 Comments

  1. Great tips. My job is a little bit different though. Being military its a little bit tougher to lose my job but for those in the private sector, keep your job as long as you can. It’s tough out there being unemployed.

  2. Great tips!! I love my job, but on those bad days, your advice will absolutely come in handy!

  3. This is truly some wonderful advice. I try to be sure that before each shift, I am holding an attitude of gratitude! Smiling definitely helps with that 🙂

  4. Your tips are so good. That behavior is so common in corporate America and it is literally what made me start to hate my job. I started out with a nice job out of college that I really liked but I allowed the negative people around me to get to me and I started to look at my job the same way. One of the girls who was super negative seemed to be getting by fine with her negativity and how rude she was to the customers until one day my last boss I had finally fired her. I struggled to be happy there and then when I got pregnant I realized the happiest job I could have was to be home taking care of my family. Transitioning into that was the best thing I ever did and I’ve been the happiest wife and mom ever since 🙂

  5. What a great quote. Honestly all your quotes are wonderful and thought provoking. My favorite quote from MBNA a place I use to work in HR, ” Dress where you want to be not where you are.”

  6. yep. keep the attitude and hard work and the checks keep coming!

  7. I used to always come into work with a great attitude. You have to when working with the public.

  8. Attitude is everything! Ethics are less and less seeing in the workplace and we see ourselves facing unethical people and haters. I have learned to isolate their actions by not fueling gossip and distancing myself from situations where confrontation may occur.

  9. Such great advice! I have to disagree with Sherrie though. I think companies demand a lot more of us for a lot less pay nowadays. I totally understand why people aren’t happy.

  10. I love paychecks because I know I put in my honest days work to get them! I don’t expect things ever, I work hard to achieve them!

  11. Love this and as a customer anywhere, you want this in an employee someone who is happy provides a better service.

  12. Such good advice! It’s really best to keep a positive attitude at the workplace even if it’s not your dream job!

  13. It is such a benefit to us all when we choose to look at things from a positive light. Hard work and perseverance take you a long way!

  14. Amen! As a consumer, I find it completely annoying when the person helping me in a store OBVIOUSLY hates their job. I always think, “Separate work and home life. Yes, everyone has struggles with their employer at times, but be grateful you have a job. If you don’t like it, get a different one, but don’t have such a bad attitude until then. At least you’re getting a paycheck in the meantime.” Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

  15. People like to be around positive people. It’s always going to work in your favor to keep that kind of attitude at work.

  16. This is such good advice! It is so important (and easy) to be nice!

  17. So on point! I do feel ashamed at my generation, to be honest. Compared to my mother’s generation, for example, our work ethic sucks and we have this delusional belief that we deserve everything. Of course, not all of us are like this …. but, everyone should take pride in their work, regardless of the job.

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