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Plan What Will Happen if You Take Action Now


It is magnificent to get rid of mystery by planning what will happen if you take action now.


In order to accomplish our goals and succeed at what we want to do, there comes a point where we must take action now. This is always one of the hardest spots on the road to success. It is hard because it involves risks, the unknown and the potential for unpleasant outcomes.

You cannot let the fear of the unknown keep you from taking action now to accomplish your goals. Instead of being paralyzed by fear of the unknown, get to know what will happen and prepare for what is to come. For example, it is scary to look for a new job, to accept a promotion or start a new business venture. However, all of those things are good and wonderful things that one should run to, not away from. One way to eliminate fear is to make plans for what you will do after you succeed.

Take action now and prepare for success after you reach your goals.

Often when people make plans to get to their idea of success, they make checklists, benchmarks, and paths for every step along the road to success. The best planners are sure to make their plans SMART aka specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. What they do not do is make a plan for what will happen once they have succeeded, once they reach success. That is a mistake. Make your plans to succeed, but don’t stop there. Make sure to include plans for what you will do once you have reached your goal.

Having a plan in place for what you will do once you meet your goal is important. It is important because knowing what will happen once you succeed takes away the fear of success. Interestingly, fear of success tends to keep some people from taking action now to succeed. So, by planning for how you will handle success and meeting your goals the fear of success will be eliminated.

In conclusion, it is magnificent to get rid of mystery by planning what will happen if you take action now. So, the question for you this magnificent day is what are your plans for after you have taken action now?


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